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Oil Spill Clean Up Products For Effective and Safe Clean Up.

Dawg has all the products you need to effectively contain, absorb and clean up spills. The effects of the gulf oil spill will last for years and Dawg is here for the long haul to provide you spill products you need for every phase of the oil spill response and cleanup; from spill containment to spill clean up to collection and transport of used absorbents. Plus we provide all the necessary safety and protective wear to keep workers and cleanup crews safe while cleaning up the effects of the spill.

Prevention Products and Clean Up Supplies
Personal Protection Products and Supplies
Containment Booms

Oil Containment Booms
available by the truck load to cover large areas containing the oil from reaching the shoreline, marsh areas and water inlets.
Large Quantity Orders - Available Now
BOM130- 50' L oil containment boom (100K ft min order)
BOM131- 100' L oil containment boom (7500 ft min order)

Protective Coveralls
Chemical protection

Protective Coveralls
Microporous protective coverall keeps workers cool and protected during spill cleanup activities.
TG412 - MicroMax protective coveralls
TG414 - MicroMax protective coveralls with hood, boots
Keeps workers cool.

Oil Booms

Oil absorbent booms, oil only pads, pillows and sweeps
absorb only the oil and not water to effectively skim the oil off the water's surface.
Large Quantity Oil Boom Orders Available Now!
BOM510SP - 5" thick oil absorbent boom
BOM810SP- 8" thick oil absorbent boom

Oil Only Pads in Stock - ships the same day!
PAD102 - Economy Oil Only Pads
PAD201 - Premium Oil Only Pads
PIL390 - 18" Oil Only Pillows
PIL392 - 9" Oil Only Pillows

Chest Waders

Waterproof Chest Waders
Lightweight, durable PVC seamless material provides foot to chest protection.
FTW86066 - Plain toe with cleated outsole
FTW86867 - Steel toe with ultra grip outsole
FTW86867 - Steel toe with cleated outsole

Afforable Foot to Chest Protection

Overpack Drums

Screw top Overpack drums, containers and liners
provide easy and efficient transport of oil filled absorbents.

Truckload Quantities call for Pricing.
1-800-YEL-DAWG (935-3494)
PAK135- 30 gallon plastic labpack drum
PAK167 - 65 gallon overpack drum
PAK197 - 95 gallon salvage drum
LIN405 - 55 gallon drum liner

Disposable Gloves

Disposable Gloves
Disposable gloves provide protection and flexible fit for greater versatility.

Hand, wrist & arm protection
GLV104 - Nitrile Glove - 11mil Std, 13" L unlined
GLV106 - Nitrile Glove - 22 mil Std, 18" L unlined
GLV102 - Vinyl disposable glove

eco bags

Eco Bag - Control Barrier 
provide an easy to use alternative to heavy sand bags for creating barriers and preventing oil filled water from reaching protected areas.
DRN400 - Molded heavy duty PVC bag: 18" W x 12" L x 4" H
DRN450 - Fabricated PVC bag: 20" W x 14" L x 4" H
Easy to use, Long lasting, Reusable

Energy Drinks

Activity Drinks
Keep cleanup crews and workers hydrated with activity drinks that restore electroytes and supply energy.
Sqwincher Energy Drinks

Keeps workers cool and hydrated

Eco-Block Erosion Barrier

Eco-Blok - Erosion Control Barrier 
provides an easy to use, long lasting alternative to heavy sand bags for creating barriers and preventing oil filled water from reaching protected areas.

DRN100- Barrier-Blok - solid molded rubber block - reusable, interlocking erosion control system
DRN200 - Filter-Blok  - solid molded rubber block  for drain inlet, allows water to pass through while stopping sediment and debris.
Environmentally Friendly, Easy to use, Interlocking,

Long lasting


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