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“Green" Absorbents: Businesses' Choice Amidst Oil Price Hike

As the U.S. economy still struggles, the price of crude oil continues to rise. anuary, 2010 it hit $91 per barrel. Because of these price hikes, the prices of many commodities are expected to rise.

These include the price of plastic, which is used not just in consumer goods but also in other industrial equipment, especially absorbents. According to PlasticNews.com, prices of plastic may rise as high as 20 cents per pound in the US. As a result, most companies and their employees had to become more resourceful.

There are now some businesses that do not necessarily need to adjust their product prices because of these oil price hikes. One of these businesses is DAWG, a pioneer in the spill control products field in the past twenty years. Knowing that the price of meltblown absorbents is affected by the prices of plastic and crude oil, the company invested in the development of eco-friendly “green" absorbents.

Eco-friendly “green" absorbents are made from recycled cellulose fibers and/or used polypropylene products, hence the name. These could range from old carpets, rugs and paper to plastic containers and synthetic materials. That's why the price of these kinds of absorbents is unlikely to change despite the increase in the price of plastic — because they're made from recycled materials. For example, at DAWG a roll of meltblown polypropylene absorbent can cost $160, while a similar-sized roll of HippieDawg “green" absorbents cost only $149. The prices of these eco-friendly absorbents are expected to remain stable in the near future.

These green absorbents are also known for their performance. They have a high absorbing capacity for different types of industrial spills, absorbing up to 25% of their own weight. Some of these absorbents are water-resistant, and most definitely absorb oil.

These are also ideal to save the environment from the harmful effects of oil spills on water surfaces. Some of these absorbents can be reused after wringing the oil out. These can still absorb oil to its fullest capacity once they have been cleaned.

Eco-friendly green absorbents are commonly used for large oil and chemical spills to prevent further environmental damage. These absorbents pass the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plan (SPCC) requirements. These requirements aim to make companies use industrial products that prevent hazardous materials and chemicals from polluting the environment. They are good investments for possible environmental and industrial waste response.

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