Grease Guard® Rooftop Defense Systems

Grease Guard® Rooftop Defense Systems

Oil defense system reduces fire hazards and excessive liability

The G2 Grease Guard rooftop defense filter system includes:

  • Top Pre-Filter: A pass-through, non-combustible, self-extinguishing filter constructed from an open cross section polymer
  • Transfer Layer: Constructed from polyolefin fiber, quickly transfers oil-based fluids to the absorption layers, while repelling rain-water &UV stability protects the absorption layers from damaging sun rays
  • Advanced Filter Composite: Constructed from an engineered open-cell polyolefin fabric, over 100 layers of absorbent microfibers wick and contain oil based fluids, while repelling rainwater & absorption capacity is up to 78 fluid ounces per square foot
  • Barrier Layer: Constructed from a closed-cell polymeric blend that provides a leak-proof barrier
  • Bottom Layer: An airflow layer constructed from an open cross- section polymer, this layer supports the absorption and security layers while allowing air to circulate throughout the entire filter system
  • Fire Shield: Protects roof/building from potential exhaust system fires
  • To learn more about Grease Guard and how it works, click here

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Grease Guard® Rooftop Defense Systems
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