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Specialty Mats

For specialized work environments

Specialty Mats come in a number of models for specific purposes. Designs are made for use in work areas that deal with specialized activities. Clean Room Sticky Mats are designed for clean rooms; Sanitizing Food Bath Mats are made for food processing plants; and Shower Station Mats are designed for emergency shower and eyewash stations.

Specialty Mats
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  1. Industrial/Commercial Safety Mats

    Industrial/Commercial Safety Mats

  2. Floor Safety Accessories

    Floor Safety Accessories

  3. Clean Room Sticky Mats

    Clean Room Sticky Mats

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We at Dawg® are committed to helping you create a safe, secure, hygienic and injury-free facility, no matter what your industry.

For this purpose, we carry a line of Specialty Mats designed for working conditions that require more unique safety mat needs. Choose from Industrial/Commercial Safety Mats, Floor Safety Accessories and Clean Room Sticky Mats, each with their unique properties and applications. Specific models include Foot Bath Mats, Clean Room Mats and Frames, Shower Station Mats, Wheel Chocks and much more.

Only at Dawg®, where safety is a priority and not just an option!
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