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An Entrance Mat Serves As A Front Door Mat Protecting Floors Against Dirt And Grime

Entrance Mat

A Dawg Entrance Mat will reduce maintenance costs and the risks of slip and fall injuries at the front entrance. The combination of our Scraping Rubber Door Mat and an Indoor Commercial Floor Mat serve as a one two punch in knocking out grime. The Rubber Door Mat does a great job for preventative floor protection, which is just what you want in an quality entrance mat. The Outside Rubber Door Mat is designed to scrape dirt, debris and moisture away and stop these elements from entering your building. Then our Indoor Carpet Floor Mats take over and absorb any remaining moisture, preventing it from being tracked further into your building. Choose from a wide variety of Rubber Entrance Mats and Front Door Mats made for mostly outdoor uses. Our Commercial Entrance Mat also offered as custom entrance mats add beauty to your workplace.

Two Ways To Choose The Right Entrance Mat, By Type or By Chart

Option 1: Select By Type

  1. Drainage "Wet"

    Drainage Wet
  2. Solid “Dry"

    Solid Dry
  3. Interlocking

  4. Entrance

  5. Conductive

  6. Non-Conductive

  7. Runners

  8. Specialty

Indoor Entrance Mats
Reliant Wearbond Olefin 209 Indoor Carpet Mat Elite Super Olefin 211 Entrance Mat
Reliant Wearbond Olefin 209
  • Moderate traffic entrance mat
  • Absorbs water and traps dirt
  • Stock sizes & custom cut rolls 60'
  • 100% continuous filament olefin pile
  • DOC FF1-70 & DOC FF2-70 compliant
  • Good water & soil retention
  • 3/8 thickness, 1 vinyl border
  • Use in moderately traffic indoor entrances
Elite Super Olefin 211
  • Thick pile plush carpet entrance mat
  • Highly absorbent like a sponge
  • Stock sizes & custom cut rolls
  • 100% continuous filament olefin pile
  • DOC FF1-70 & DOC FF2-70 compliant
  • Good water & soil retention
  • 3/8 thickness, 1 vinyl border
  • Use in heavy traffic indoor entrances
Clean Zone 290 Entrance Mat Cavalier 287 Indoor Commercial Door Mat
Clean Zone 290
  • Profile does not show traffic patterns
  • Crush & abrasion resistant
  • Stock sizes & custom cut rolls
  • Super absorptive, conceals dirt
  • Low maintenance
  • Low profile accommodates almost any door
  • Very good water & soil retention
  • 5/16 thickness, 1 vinyl border
  • Use in heavy traffic indoor areas
Cavalier 287
  • Ribbed or chevron design patterns
  • Affordable & attractive entrance mat
  • Super coarse absorptive fibers
  • Soaks up water and hides dirt
  • Stock sizes & custom cut rolls
  • 100% solution dyed Polypropylene
  • Good water & soil retention
  • 5/16 thickness, 1 vinyl border
  • Use in medium traffic indoor areas
Outside Door Mats
Upfront Scraper Mat 224 Mud Chucker 229 Outside Door Mat
Upfront Scraper Mat 224
  • Scrapes dirt, snow and rain off shoes
  • Highly resistant to harsh conditions
  • Offered in 3' x 5' size
  • Quick dry vented open slot design
  • SBR/Natural Rubber
  • Durable and abrasion resistant
  • Outstanding soil retention
  • 5/16 thickness
  • For heavy traffic outdoor mat entrances
Mud Chucker 229
  • Scrapes off dirt, snow, grass & muck
  • Ideal for workers in muddy areas
  • Easy to clean hose spray or shake
  • Natural Rubber Scraper Door Mat
  • Cleans sides & bottom of boots or shoes
  • 1 front , 2-3/8 side thickness
  • Medium traffic outdoor entrances
Multi-Guard 220 Entrance Matting  
Multi-Guard 220
  • Scraping fingers remove dirt on shoes
  • Keep entrances clean in bad weather
  • Offered in stock sizes
  • Quick dry, vented open slot design
  • Natural Rubber entrance floor mat
  • Durable and abrasion resistant
  • Safety beveled edges
  • For heavy traffic outdoor entrances

OPTION 2: Select by Chart (Features and Applications)

  1. Anti-Fatigue

  2. Conductive

  3. Non Conductive

    Non Conductive
  4. Runners

  5. Entrance

  6. Specialty


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