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Conductive & Non-Conductive Mats

Disperses static energy

Conductive & Non-Conductive Mats are designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment. It also prevents accidents by drawing off and safely dissipating static electricity from workers. This reduces the chances of sparks, and thus provides for a safer work environment.

Conductive & Non-Conductive Mats
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  1. Electrically Conductive Mats

    Electrically Conductive Mats

  2. Non Conductive Switchboard Mats

    Non Conductive Switchboard Mats

  3. Static Dissipative Mats

    Static Dissipative Mats

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Working with electrical and electronic equipment can pose its own set of unique challenges. Some electronic equipment can be easily affected by static electricity. Other electrical equipment can also cause potentially hazardous electric shocks.

For these unique working conditions Dawg® offers a selection of Conductive and Non-Conductive Mats capable of reducing the risks that come with working with electrical and electronic equipment.

Choose from Electrically Conductive Mats, designed to prevent sparks due to static electricity build-up from materializing, Non-Conductive Switchboard Mats, which insulates workers from electric shocks, and Static Dissipative Mats, which remove static electricity off of workers and double as anti-fatigue mats.
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