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Outdoor First Aid Kits For Camping, Wilderness, Hiking & More

Outdoor First Aid

You've arrived at the campground and sent the kids off to the play. It's during these early moments at the camp site that we tend to get excited and somewhat prone to those little mishaps, like scrapes and minor cuts, while moving all the gear and setting up equipment. So be prepared for camping accidents with a well-stocked camping first-aid kit for the outdoors. Camping First Aid Kits are developed specifically for use in outdoor environments. The best outdoor kits are made after carefully thinking through the climate and terrain you will be active in, the medical histories of the members of your party, and the specific activities planned. Supplies include sting reliever, antiseptics, bandages, items for wound care, sun block, moleskin and more. Consider taking a wilderness first aid course before departing on a backcountry trip. You'll be prepared to deal with first aid emergencies when you are far from your home or do not have easy access to emergency care. These Outdoor and Camping First Aid Kits feature many items needed for outdoor emergencies Ideal as a backpacking first aid kit, boating, hiking first aid kit, boy scout first aid kit, survival kit & more, these Camping and Outdoor First Aid Kits keep you prepared and can save a life.

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Camping First Aid Kits
Large Outdoor First Aid Kit Wilderness First Aid Kit
Large Outdoor First Aid Kit
  • Large soft pack 119 piece kit
  • For hiking, camping, home, marine
  • Medication, antiseptics, bandages
  • Cold compress, butterfly bandage
  • Moleskin for blisters
Wilderness First Aid Kit
  • Small soft pack 55 piece kit
  • Kit has belt loops for outdoor activities,
  • Antiseptics, medication, bandages
  • Sun block and lip balm
  • For auto, backpack or briefcase
Mini Outdoor First Aid Kit  
Mini first aid kit
  • Mini 27 piece kit
  • Biking, hiking & backpack,
  • Medication, bandages
  • Antiseptics and lip balm
  • Basic first aid protection

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