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Industrial First Aid Kits For Contractors, Workplaces & Fleet Vehicles

Industrial First Aid Kit

We provide Industrial First Aid Kit Cabinets and Stations, including 2 shelf, 3 shelf, 4 shelf, and 5 shelf First Aid Wall Cabinets for industrial and business applications in a First Aid room or other business workplace environments. Industrial First Aid Kit standards have been set for the work environment by OSHA, a sub-agency of the US Department of Labor. These standards are to insure workplace safety. OSHA requires adequate industrial first aid supplies to be available in the workplace, but they don't require any specific contents. The ANSI have certain standards regarding the contents. As per ANSI standard (ANSI Z308.1-2003) Kits in compliance with this standard will provide a basic range of products to deal with most types of injuries encountered in the workplace. The assortment of required contents in an industrial environment was developed based on treatment for the following potential injuries: major wounds, minor wounds (cuts and abrasions), minor burns and eye injuries. It is important to note that each workplace is unique and, as such, additional industrial first aid products should be selected to augment required contents based on the particular work environment.

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Industrial First Aid Kits
Bulk First Aid Kit - 10 Person Bulk First Aid Kit - 25 Person
10 person industrial first aid kit
  • 10 person bulk first aid kit
  • Sturdy, water resistant plastic case
  • 62 piece first aid essential supplies
  • Meets OSHA 1910.151b
  • Made for work related accidents
25 person industrial first aid kit
  • 25 Person bulk first aid kit
  • Large 106 piece supply
  • OSHA recommended
  • Contains 17 critical products
  • Strong metal case, wall mountable
Bulk First Aid Kit - 50 Person Bulk All Purpose First Aid Kit - Small
50 person  industrial first aid kit
  • 50 person bulk first aid kit
  • Durable plastic or metal case
  • 196 piece essential first aid supplies
  • OSHA recommended kit
  • For contractors, fleet vehicles, worksites
Small all  purpose first aid kit
  • For small everyday emergencies
  • 105 pc first aid supply kit
  • 25 person first aid kit
  • Bandages, Antibiotic, Anticeptic
  • Partitioned for better organization
Bulk All Purpose First Aid Kit - Large  
Large all purpose first aid kit
  • 50 person, 195 piece OSHA kit
  • Contractors, fleet vehicles, work sites
  • Includes 20 critical care products
  • OSHA recommended
  • Plastic case with dividers
Industrial First Aid Stations
First Aid Station - 75 Person First Aid Station - 150 Person
75 person first aid station
  • 75 person, 415 pc first aid station
  • Durable metal cabinet case
  • Full color reorder schematic
  • Meets OSHA & ANSI fill requirements
  • Small business, office, work site
150 person first aid station
  • 150 person, 1060 pc first aid station
  • Swing out door, easy to carry handle
  • Full color reorder chart
  • OSHA & ANSI compliant
  • Large business, office, work site
First Aid Station - 100 Person First Aid Station - 200+ Person
100 person first aid station
  • 100 person, 943 pc first aid station
  • Metal cabinet w/ handle, pocket liner
  • Easy to use reorder chart
  • Meets OSHA & ANSI fill requirements
  • Medium size business, office, work site
200 person first aid station
  • 1720 piece first aid station
  • Extra storage, 22 pocket vinyl liner
  • Easy to use reorder schematic
  • Meets/exceeds OSHA & ANSI regs
  • Serves over 200 people

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