Hose Repair

Supplemental bib hose repair supplies

Dawg® offers a variety of Hose Repair products that provide the perfect solution to contain drips and sprays from leaking hoses. Hose Bibs and Hose Wraps collect and absorb leaks and drips, minimizing the risk of slip and fall accidents. Durasorb Hose Wraps are equipped with inner absorbent layer that soak up drips and leaks. Durasorb products offer various types of hose wraps and filter wraps that control spills, drips and unwanted leaks.

Hose Repair
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A damaged hose will result in drips, leaks and sprays that can cause potential slipping hazards in your workplace. Repair damaged hoses with hose repair products from Dawg®. 

Here at Dawg®, we know what you really need when it comes to facility and equipment maintenance. That is why we only carry the best bib hose repair products for you. Our Drip Sentinel™ Hose Wraps™ are the perfect tools to contain hose and fitting leaks while our Durasorb Wrap™ works well for industrial hose repair.

Grab your own hose repair supply and be ready for any leak emergency - from Dawg®!