Medical Waste Containers

Containers for medical waste

Medical Waste Containers are necessary equipment for effective biohazard disposal. Available in various shapes and sizes, these hospital waste disposal units meet OSHA, OBRA and NFPA standards. These medical waste receptacles are also available in either plastic or metal.

Medical Waste Containers
Biohazardous substances and waste materials from hospitals and clinics are usually composed of toxic materials that can spread diseases and bring about numerous health hazards. This is why these harmful wastes need to be disposed of properly with the help of medical waste containers from Dawg®.

Medical Waste Containers let you dispose of these hazardous waste materials in a safe manner and lets you meet safety regulations as well. Our line of medical waste receptacles is durable enough to withstand even the most toxic medical substance disposed of in it. Choose from our wide array of bio hazard waste poly waste containers that feature foot levers for easier and safer medical waste disposal and our medical waste step cans.

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