Bear Proof Garbage Cans

Containers for deterring scavenging animals

Bear Proof Garbage Cans are designed to deter bears and other animals from digging through the trash. As a result, these garbage cans protect them from waste that they shouldn't be eating. 30, 32, 50, 64 and 95-gallon sizes are available. Other animal-proof containers for dogs, raccoons and other animals are also available.

Bear Proof Garbage Cans
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Camping in the mountains and in the wilderness can be a fun and memorable experience. Being outdoors however can expose you to all kinds of dangers - one of them being bear attacks. Bears don't usually attack people, but when they smell food, they will come to the source.

To protect yourself from bears and other wild animal attacks when disposing of camping waste and garbage, Bear Proof Garbage Cans are your best preventive tools in this situation. Our company offers a full line of heavy-duty bear-proof trash cans to help you dispose of your waste safely. These trash containers are secured tightly so any odor coming from your food wastes will not attract wild animals. Choose from our wide selection of bear-proof containers that come in different models and sizes for your every need.

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