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Traffic & Pedestrian Safety

Safety protection for regulating pedestrian and traffic flow

Dawg® provides various types of Traffic and Pedestrian Safety products that effectively slow down traffic. Portable design models are available, which could be used as temporary, replaceable options. Speed Humps are made to regulate vehicle speeds. Parking Stops and Parking Blocks are made to alert a driver to come to a stop before hitting the curb, concrete, walls or other surface. These and other products come in a variety of designs and built to meet specific safety needs.

Traffic & Pedestrian Safety
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  1. Speed Bumps & Parking Stops

    Speed Bumps & Parking Stops

  2. Barricades, Barriers & Stanchions

    Barricades, Barriers & Stanchions

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Effective traffic management is the key to safer streets and roadways as well as increased traffic and pedestrian safety. To achieve this, you need the right traffic management tools.

With Dawg®’s comprehensive line of Traffic and Pedestrian Safety products, you can be sure to find all your traffic and pedestrian control tool needs. We carry such products as speed bumps, parking blocks, car stops, speed humps, stanchions, traffic barricades, safety posts, and many more. All of our products are heavy-duty and can stand up even to the toughest outdoor conditions.

Only from your number one source for Traffic Management solutions, Dawg®.
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