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Facility Protection

Protect both workers and your facility

Facility Protection products are not only used to keep your work area in top condition, but to also protect workers from potential hazards in the workplace. Starting with building maintenance products like cleaners and waste receptacles, these products also include traffic and pedestrian safety solutions such as column protectors and bumper post protectors.

Facility Protection
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Dawg® carries an extensive line of Facility Protection products designed to protect both personnel and your facility's assets from damage.

Workplace Safety products and Traffic and Pedestrian Safety accessories ensure both workers and visitors are protected from slips, trips and falls, vehicular collisions and other hazardous events as well as areas.

Building and Grounds products are double duty items - protecting both workers and valuable assets both inside and outside your facility.

Maintenance/Cleaners, Waste Can and Trash Receptacles and Waste Minimization Products are necessary for performing a number of functions. Included in this list are general building maintenance and cleaning, reclaiming spilled oil, keeping your grounds clean, safely disposing of potentially hazardous industrial waste and much more.

Dawg® is committed to helping you maintain a clean, efficient and safe facility with facility protection products you can find all in one place - you need not look anywhere else!
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