Ergo-Stance® Ergonomic Floor Mats

Ergo-Stance® Ergonomic Floor Mats

Ergo-Stance7® Ergonomic Floor Mat is designed to stimulate blood flow and prevent fatigue

The Ergo-Stance7® Ergonomic Floor Mat is designed to stimulate blood flow and prevent fatigue. Its amazingly comfortable sponge base consists of low-density and high-density rubber sponge strips, which are set in place every 12 inches. This ergonomic floor mat variation actively stimulates leg muscles, which in turn encourages circulation and lessens fatigue. The Ergo-Stance® Ergonomic Mat has an attractive marbleized rubber surface that withstands heavy use in various commercial and assembly areas. Ergonomics and ergonomic matting is made available in many shapes and styles to conform to any workplace. Continued awareness and cooperation among company leadership is the key in providing a successful ergonomics floor mat program.

  • Ergonomic floor mat promotes circulation throughout your lower half of your body
  • Superior dual density rubber sponge compound provides excellent anti fatigue, wear resistance and slip resistance, all built into one ergonomic mat
  • Attractive appearance allows this mat to be placed in any area enhancing or adding to the environment
  • Used mostly in dry work conditions
  • Ergonomic floor mats is exceptional for use in retail stores, salons, hotels, restaurants, casinos, plant assembly lines and other industrial, commercial and retail work environments
  • Ergonomic mats promote employee wellness
  • Immediate increase in productivity and employee morale due to work place comfort
  • Guaranteed reduction of exposure to prolonged cold, heat and vibration.
  • Ergonomic mats increase body circulation
  • Ergonomically designed to reduce of back, leg, foot and ankle fatigue

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Ergo-Stance® Ergonomic Floor Mats
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