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Epoxy Repair Putty Quickly Patches and Seals Any Surface.

Epoxy Repair Putty comes in a variety of forms for designed for specific applications. These putty fix-it sticks are designed to help you make easy, instant repairs to practically any surface. Putty sticks are very easy to use and require no tools. Simply tear or twist off the desired amount, knead until you have a consistent color, then apply. The specially-formulated epoxy bonds to all kinds of surfaces, including aluminum, copper, steel, plastic, concrete, wood and more. These versatile repair putty sticks are great to have on hand to make those quick repairs when you need them. All epoxy putty sticks create an incredibly strong bond that can be drilled, tapped, filed, machined, screwed, sawed, sanded and painted.

Plastic Epoxy Putty stick is great for use around the house for quick repairs on rigid and semi-flexible plastic, automotive trim, appliance parts, leaks in PVC/ABS pipes and on furniture.

Aluminum Epoxy Putty is great for service and repair professions or do-it-yourself-ers for repairing tanks, pipes, HVAC, machine parts, gutters, downspouts, storm doors, siding, boats and RV's.

Plumbers will love using Copper Epoxy Putty that bonds to damp, wet and slow-leaking surfaces for repairing hot water lines, leaks in pipes, elbows or joints.

Steel Epoxy Putty stick is great for auto service, garage or machine shops to repair engine parts, mufflers and radiators as well as patching ducts, tanks and filling cracks or leaks.

Concrete Epoxy Putty is useful for patching chipped concrete, masonry, birdbaths and statues. Also use it to fix curbs, steps railings and fixtures.

Do-it-yourself-ers and wood workers will find Wood Epoxy Putty sticks an ideal way to repair gouged furniture and molding. Use it to fill nail and stripped screw holes and cracks in wood. You can even use it to repair dry or rotted wood.

Marine Epoxy Putty is a must have for repairs that need to be done on wet and underwater surfaces such as boat decks, hulls, pools, spas, tubs, tanks, gutters and downspouts.

Epoxy putty sticks are an easy way to make necessary repairs quickly. It's specially formulated compound bonds fast and is extremely strong.

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Epoxy Putty Repair Sticks

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