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Eco-Friendly Sorbent Pads: Cleaning Industrial Spills While Saving the Earth

Industrial liquid wastes such as oil and chemical spills are risk factors that greatly affect the environment. Toxic substances such as crude oil, acids, aluminum, lead and benzene can poison water systems which may cause illness and death in aquatic animals. The ingestion of poisonous water can damage healthy cell tissues, which may lead to severe respiratory failure and organ failures in human beings.

That is why the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) programs promote the use of prevention measures to help save the environment from the dangers of toxic spills. The Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plans (SPCC) requires industrial facilities to use proper waste and disposal management such as absorbents for oil and chemical spills.

Eco-Friendly Sorbent Pads are appropriate cleaning materials for these heavy-duty purposes. These are made from all-natural, 100% recycled products. Using “green" products also minimizes the use of natural resources, especially since they're starting to run out. They do not only save the environment from the poisonous effects of chemical waste but they also help companies to be more aware of their role and to be responsible for their own surroundings.

There are different types of Eco-Friendly Sorbent Pads for different spill usage:

HippieDawg™ Premium Sorbent Pads — These are environmentally-friendly pads that can absorb oil spills up to 20 times its own weight. They are made of recycled natural products that are used as replacement for meltblown absorbents.

HippieDawg™ Absorbent Pads — These have a slip-resistant top cover that absorbs better than meltblown absorbents. They are excellent for use in emergency spill response and certified as grade “A" fire retardant pads.

GREEN Natural Bonded Spill Pads — These are used to absorb different kinds of liquid spills such as oil, solvents, coolants, chemicals and even water. These are made from recycled natural resources and can absorb 18 times their own weight.

HippieDawg™ Slip Resistant Spill Pads — These can absorb 20% more than other polypropylene absorbent products. These are great for use on heavier oil spills. These pads are laminated, which stays in place for a non-slip grip.

The overall absorbing performance of Eco-Friendly Sorbent Pads is excellent. These are not only effective in cleaning tough and toxic substances but they also help keep the environment safe from those harmful effects. Since they are made from 100% natural recycled materials, disposal of these absorbent pads cost less. Aside from being environmentally-friendly products, they also save companies money that should have gone to other kinds of expensive cleaning materials.

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