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Type I & II Safety Cans And Gas Cans From Eagle And Justrite


You will find a large selection of quality Gas Cans available as in plastic, metal and steel from both Eagle and Justrite. A good selection of Plastic Gas Cans are available that will not rust, dent or corrode and come with stainless steel fittings. Eagle Gas Cans are available in both Type I and Type II and are FM, UL & ULC approved. Our traditional Metal Gas Cans are available as an Eagle and Justrite Safety Can giving you all the standard features you would expect in a Gasoline Can. Justrite offers its unique UNO Safety Cans with a release trigger that assures safe and easy pouring. All of our Can Dispensing Safety Products are backed by our Pawprint Of Quality Guarantee.

Type I Gas Cans
Eagle Type I Gasoline Safety Storage Cans Plastic Type I Gasoline Safety Cans

  • 1, 2, 5 gallon lead free Type I gas cans
  • Spring closing lid w/ neoprene gasket
  • Eagle brand, FM, UL & ULC approved
  • Prevents corrosion & leakage
  • Color coded for identification

  • Polyethylene Type I Eagle safety can
  • Won't rust or corrode
  • Impact resistant
  • Stainless fittings, flame arrestor
  • Reduces vapors from flammables
Justrite Type I Safety Cans Poly Non-Metallic Safety Cans

  • 1, 2, 3, 5 gallon leak proof gas cans
  • Swing handle for easy carrying
  • Justrite brand, OSHA/NFPA compliant
  • Counterbalance for effortless pouring
  • 4 Color variations for identification

  • Won't dent, rust or corrode
  • Withstands tough acids & corrosives
  • Justrite brand, FM approved
  • Carbon insert, flame arrestor in spout
  • Plated or stainless steel hardware
Type II Safety Gasoline Cans
Eagle Type II Gas Safety Storage Cans Justrite UNO Type II Gas Safety Cans

  • Eagle brand Type II safety cans
  • Dual openings for easy filling & pouring
  • Meets 29 CFR1910,106, NFPA code 30
  • FM, UL & ULC approved
  • Non-sparking brass spout, flame arrestor

  • Safe squeeze trigger for safe pouring
  • Comfort handle reduces worker strain
  • Flexible metal hose prevents sparks
  • Self closing lid prevents explosion
  • FM approved, UL & ULC listed
Justrite Type II Gasoline Safety Storage Cans

  • 1, 2, 3, 5 gallon Justrite Type II gas cans
  • Dual opening - accurate filling, pouring
  • Release cap vents 3-5 psig
  • Counterbalance design for easy pouring
  • Double lock base seams for durability
Justrite Safety Gas Cans
Justrite Type I Safety Storage Cans Justrite UNO Type II Safety Storage Cans

  • 1, 2, 3, 5 gallon Justrite Type I Cans
  • 100% leak tested safety cans
  • 2,3,5 gallon can available w/ funnel
  • Complies with OSHA & NFPA regs
  • Economical choice for flammables
  • Coded for gas, kerosene, oil & diesel

  • Trigger assures safe & easy pouring
  • Dual density flame arrestor
  • Vacuum release valve for accurate pour
  • All steel lead free construction
  • OSHA, NFPA FM, UL & ULC approved
Justrite Type II Safety Cans Poly Non-Metallic Plastic Gas Cans

  • Cans include hose for accurate pouring
  • Cap vents 3-5 psig to prevent explosions
  • Counterbalance for pouring accuracy
  • Type II can has fill/vent spout
  • Reinforcing ribs provide added strength

  • Puncture & corrosion resistant
  • FM approved, 1/2 - 5 gallon size
  • Conductive carbon insert, grounded
  • Carbon insert, flame arrestor in spout
  • Optional steel or poly funnel
Eagle Gas Cans
Eagle Type I Safety Storage Cans Eagle Type II Safety Gas Cans

  • 1, 2, 5 gallon no leak gas cans
  • Non sparking pour spout
  • FM, UL & ULC approved
  • 24 gauge, hot dipped galvanized steel
  • Red/gas, Blue/kerosene, Yellow/diesel

  • Dual opening Type II safety cans
  • Easy and accurate pouring & filling
  • 29 CFR1910,106, 29 CFR1925,152
  • FM, UL & ULC approved, lead free
  • Flame arrestor - flash back protection
Dispensing and Transfer Cans
Bench & Daub Cans Plastic Dispensing Cans

  • For cleaning small parts in solvents
  • Spring loaded perforated dasher plate
  • Plated steel dasher - flame arrestor
  • Hinged cover minimizes evaporation
  • FM approved, 1 qt - 2 gallon size

  • Easy one hand pouring of fluids
  • Leak proof brass dispenser valves
  • Self-closing to minimize spills
  • FM approved brass valves
  • Textured poly body give firm grip
Eagle Steel Plunger & Dispensing Cans Faucet Safety Cans

  • Quickly moisten cleaning cloths & swabs
  • Drains excess liquid back into can
  • Brass pump assembly
  • Perforated pan screen/ flame arrestor
  • FM approved, 1 & 2 Qt, 1 gal size

  • Controlled dispensing of flammables
  • Drip free self closing faucet
  • FM approved, 5 gallon can
  • Metal can for flammable oils
  • Stainless can for alcohols, ethers
Eagle Plastic Plunger Cans DOT Transport Type II Safety Cans

  • Great for cleaning volatile fluids
  • Flame arrestor dasher screen & pump
  • Complies with OSHA standards
  • 1, 2 and 4 qt poly plunger can
  • FM approved

  • Reduce danger of explosion
  • Flexible metal dispensing spout
  • Double wall brass flame arrestors
  • Roll bars protect spout
  • Meets DOT requirements
Justrite Plunger & Dispensing Cans DOT Gas Can UNO Type II Safety Cans

  • Dispense flammable solvents
  • Minimize waste and exposure
  • Moisten cleaning cloths and swabs
  • Lead-free powder paint finish
  • FM approved, Justrite 10 yr warranty

  • FM approved, DOT compliant
  • Ideal for remote gas fueled equipment
  • One multi-task spout
  • Prevents vapor release and spills
  • Squeeze trigger for accurate pouring
LubeRite Oil Can

  • Storing & dispensing container
  • HDPE translucent lube oil can
  • Colored identification bands
  • Breather vent for smooth flow
  • Contaminat free - fully sealed
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