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Drum Truck Dolly: A Material Handling Essential

Accidents may happen during handling of drums and other hazardous waste containers. These workplace hazards include fires, explosions, and physical injuries resulting from moving heavy containers by hand and working around stacked drums, heavy equipment, and deteriorated drums. According to a 2009 report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, more than one-fifth of all occupational fatalities involve workers in transportation and material handling occupations in that year alone. While drum handling of harmful materials will always be present in facilities such as these, proper work practices, such as minimizing handling and using the appropriate equipment and procedures can help protect workers from mishaps related to hazardous substances.

Drum dollies, also called drum or hand trucks, are the best equipment to use when you want to easily and efficiently transport drums that usually contain heavy harmful substances. They can transport drums and containers of any size with ease, minimizing back strains and other injuries that can result from the heavy lifting of objects.

This hand truck features a clever design that properly distributes the weight of the full drum across the center axle of the cart. This means that even when a drum weighs up to 1,000 pounds, it can still be easily moved around by a single person. This drum truck is designed to easily slide under the bottom of the barrel, and then rotate back gently over its axle in order to allow the drum to be carried in an almost horizontal position. The whole truck can even be further tilted to allow for the contents of a drum to be poured out and disposed of accordingly. For its finish, it has highly resistant powder coating that will prevent any corrosion, making this drum equipment functional and also very durable.

There are several types of drum dollies that cater to different needs and tasks. They include:

  • All-purpose Drum Truck. This 800-pound capacity drum truck can tilt, move, lift and dispense drums, making them truly versatile.

  • Combo Drum Truck. This multi-function drum handling equipment allows you to move drums upright and dispense liquids when in the cradle position.

  • Drum Cradle. This economical drum handling equipment is designed to dispense and store liquids.

  • 4 Wheel Drum Truck Dolly. This truck dolly has a 1,000 lbs. Capacity, making drum moving and handling safe and easy.

Drum dollies or drum trucks are necessary tools for safe material handling, providing ease, comfort and safety for workers transferring drums inside a facility. In the long run, utilizing drum dollies and other material handling equipment will create a safer and more efficient environment.

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