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Drum Lifting Equipment: Reducing Workplace Injuries

In 2009, the Bureau of Labor & Statistics reported that one-fifth of all fatal work injuries involved workers in transportation and material moving occupations. 724 fatal work injury cases were caused by contact with objects and equipment. That's why jobs that involve heavy labor or manual material handling are classified as high-risk jobs. These occupations demand and require workers to lift, pull, push, and handle heavy loads, which can pose a threat to physical health and safety.

Despite the many regulations and safety precautions being implemented today, too many work related injuries and deaths are still occurring. Neglect and avoiding additional expenses are often factors why these rules and guidelines are being violated. But there are simple and inexpensive ways to prevent these kinds of injuries. One of the easiest places to start with is manual handling using lifting equipments to prevent employee injuries.

Many industrial businesses use a lot of drums for a variety of purposes, from storage to waste handling. Due to their size, handling, moving and manipulating drums have become a major obstacle for workers. This requires proper drum handling equipment to do the job. A range of drum lifting equipment is available to move them from place to place, to raise and place on a trolley, or to stack them appropriately and safely.

There are many types of drum lifting equipment available for different needs. These are:


Drum Lifters. They are ideal for commercial and industrial environments where heavy 55 gallon and other size drums require safe and secure movement.


Chain and Pulley Drum Lifting Slings. These are the most common type of drum lifting equipment. They are one of the easiest tools anyone can use to move and manipulate drums with cranes or other drum lifting equipment. They are made of steel and feature clamps that fit easily onto the drum and can support up to 2,000 lbs.


Pedal Drum Truck. This is a foot-operated hydraulic lift truck that safely lifts and places containers from one location to another.


Plastic Drum Lifters. These are specially designed for lifting 55 gallon plastic drums with a weight of up to 800lbs. These clamp on firmly to the top of the plastic drum and attaches to the crane, providing a stable and safe means of attaching drums to cranes.


Vertical Drum Lifters. These feature clamps that fasten firmly onto the top of a standard 55 gallon drum to allow easy movement. The clamp can safely lift up to 1,000 lbs.


Ergonomic Drum Lifter. These drum lifting equipments allow you to lift, move and place drums on a pallet.

Utilizing drum lifting equipment greatly increases safety measures in a workplace. It significantly reduces injuries from heavy lifting and moving and prevents accidents from happening. Companies need to recognize that spending money on material handling equipment like these drum lifting tools is not an expense but an investment in the long term capability and reputation of the business

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