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Funnels and Pumps : Drum Dispensing and Transferring Essentials

In industrial facilities, workers handle hazardous materials on a daily basis. High-risk environments like these increase the chance of accidents and injuries happening. It is important to have the right safety equipment to handle these dangerous substances. This is especially critical in transferring and dispensing hazardous liquids where spills and leaks can occur.

Chemical spills in the workplace create risks to employees and the company in many ways.  Workers who are exposed to spilled chemicals can have immediate or long-term adverse effects to their health.  They can pose other physical hazards such as burns, slips, and falls. They can also cause damage to property and the environment. But these accidents are preventable.

There are drum dispensing equipments to assist in dispensing or transferring liquids from one container to another to prevent dangerous chemicals from spilling or leaking. These are:

1.         Drum Funnels. These are wide-mouth funnels that allows for easy pouring and transfer of liquids into drums, preventing drips and spills. They are designed to stay on a drum while in use and features self-closing lids to keep materials in and contaminants out. These funnels come with safety features, such as flame arrestors to absorb and dispel heat, so it doesn't reach flammable contents such as solvents, fuels, and paint thinners. They also have an automatic pressure and vacuum relief for drums storing materials that produce vapors. This improves safety by not allowing vapors to build up and reducing the chance of fire or explosion.

Several types of drum funnels include locking drum funnels that are used when controlled access to drums is unavailable. Steel drum funnels are also available to safely transfer flammables into drum containers.

2.       Drum Pumps. These equipments are used to remove the contents of a drum or barrel. These pumps are simply affixed to the opening of the barrel or drum to be filled or emptied. These drum pumps are designed to provide safe and easy transfer of a wide range of liquids and fluids that are difficult to handle such as solvents, bases and acids. These pumps quickly fill or empty containers, eliminating splashes and spills.

There are many drum pumps available in the market. These are usually electrical or mechanical, or a combination of both. They include industrial hand pumps, hand transfer pumps, rotary pumps and quart stroke hand pumps.  Stainless steel pumps are great for general use while poly drum hand pumps are used for pumping anti-freeze and detergents.

Drum dispensing equipments are essentials for safely dispensing and transferring liquids that may be harmful or dangerous when they come into contact with the workers who handle them. These pumps and funnels ensure that these tasks are done in the simplest way possible. Not only does it benefit employees who are directly involved in handling these hazardous chemicals, but it also benefits the business as well. It enables businesses to be proactive in providing a safe and productive environment for employees while at the same time complying with health and safety regulations.

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