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Drum Dolly: Safely Moving Industrial Drums

Most industrial facilities use the standard 55 gallon oil drum for their storage needs. It is one of the most useful and convenient industrial storage equipment available. The size and shape of these drums make them applicable for many storage purposes — from waste disposal to materials storage. Although these drums are an essential part of an industrial workplace, they are big storage containers. With their bulk and weight when full, they can weigh as much as 800 pounds, depending on the substance stored inside. Moving these drums manually can be difficult and dangerous unless you use a drum dolly.

A drum dolly is a simple unit with four independent rotating casters that the drum sits in, allowing drums to be moved in and out of tight places with ease. It allows you to move heavy steel drums efficiently and at the same time effectively reducing the risk of tipping or spillover. The dolly features steel cross plates and a wide-set base, providing stability and maneuverability while transporting drums. It is designed to be lightweight, but is tough enough to carry a fairly heavy load.

Most basic drum dolly models are available in a number of sizes and specifications to carry out different tasks as required. The lightest models are made of polyethylene which can hold up to 600 pounds in weight, making them suitable for industrial needs. These plastic 55 gallon drum dollies are available in a number of colors for easy color-coding to ensure that workers pick the right one for their needs.

An alternative to the plastic dolly is a lightweight metal drum dolly. These models are constructed of either steel or aluminum featuring hard-wearing wheels made of either steel or hard rubber for smooth moving. They can carry a weight of up to 1,200 pounds, making them ideal for most factory floor uses. For a sturdier model, the octagonal 55 gallon drum dolly is available. This dolly features eight wheels and an even stronger construction for better support of weights up to 2,000 pounds. Another model is the tilting drum dollies for easy loading and unloading of drums.

Drum dollies greatly benefit facilities where industrial drums are used. It helps increase productivity by making drum transportation faster and more convenient. It ensures a safer environment for workers and the site by preventing accidents and injuries that may happen when drums containing potentially hazardous substances are moved. Using these drum dollies to move loaded drums around the workplace will lessen the risk of spillage. Drum dollies maybe the most utilitarian tool in a workplace but they do their jobs efficiently and reliably.

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