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Drum Containment Racks: Store More in Less Space

Warehouses of industrial facilities are most often filled with various material substances that these businesses handle. These materials may include toxic and non-toxic matter that they use for their processes such as oils, solvents, thinners and detergents. These can also include wastes generated by the facility. These substances are often stored in drum containers and are put away until they are needed or disposed of.

Handling materials like these in the workplace can be very dangerous. Appropriate material handling equipment must be used to safely move, transfer and store these materials into drums and other containers. Drum handling and storage equipment like dollies, cradles, lifters, carriers, dumpers and racks help prevent accidents and injuries from happening. They also aid workers in safely and comfortably doing their tasks in the workplace.

Storage areas like warehouses and storerooms are the assets of any business. Since drums remain the most important liquid storage medium that your business will use, a means of efficient storage needs to be utilized to maximize floor space in your storage area. To create an organized drum storage system, drum containment racks are the best solution.

Drum racks are basic metal frames that are bent to securely hold the shape of a drum turned horizontally, preventing premature drum wear. Drum containment racks can be movable as well as fixed units. These racks can hold from 2 up to 16 individual 55 gallon drums. Drums are stacked horizontally one on top of another, making it easy to load and unload for drums from the rack using a forklift. The horizontal placement of drums also ensures that drum labels can be easily seen without having a worker climb over and risk injury. These drum racks come with a housing that will hold any spills that may occur while pouring out drum contents. They also feature other options like snap-on trays to hold buckets catching drum contents.

Drum containment racks are more than just a requirement for factories. The proper use of these equipment increases efficiency by allowing workers to handle these drums with ease. Investing in these drum holders will allow businesses to keep volatile chemicals and liquids apart and safe. It also helps to monitor and control stock on top of providing easy access to goods. A rack storage system also effectively creates additional space for drum storage. The stacking feature of these drum racks will clear up space previously occupied by storage drums. Proper installation of storage racks can double the usable storage space in your storage area. By planning appropriate systems to ensure the most effective use of all the spaces you have at your disposal, you are able to create a much more efficient work process and provide a safer workplace for your employees.

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