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Drum Accessories: Drum Repair for Quick Safety Response

Falls account for about 15% of all occupational accidents. If your plant uses chemicals, especially petroleum-based ones, your plant becomes more prone to slip and fall accidents. While it is always wise to practice accident prevention, it is also wise to be prepared for accidents themselves.

No matter how many preventive measures you take, accidents can and will occur. Many accidents can result in holes or ruptures which lead to spills. Drum accessories for drum and hose repair ensures you are ready when these accidents happen. Having them handy is such way to be prepared.

Keeping accessories for drum and hose repair handy can also help you save on drum and hose replacement costs. If a drum leaks and you have these accessories handy, you can get to repairing them right away before the damage to your drums gets too big.

There are several kinds of drum accessories for repair, which also includes hose repair accessories and epoxy putty. These include Drum Patch Repair Kits, Drum Tourniquets and Drum Tanker Tourniquets.

Drum Patch Repair Kits are essentially metal tool kits that include all the tools and materials you need to quickly repair drums including plugs, patches, lead wool and wedges. Meanwhile, the Drum Tourniquet is a unique quick repair tool for sealing leaking metal drums. This drum repair device is a magnetic sheet with a chemical resistant sealing pad which attaches easily to leaking drums and seals it fast. Being magnetic, you don't need any special equipment.

Similar to the Drum Tourniquet, but for tankers, is the Drum Tanker Tourniquet. It is spark resistant, making it ideal for use on petroleum tankers. It also has a 10' ratchet strap and a stainless steel backing plate.

As for hose repair accessories, they include Bib Hose Repair, DuraSorb Hose Sock & Wrap, DuraSorb Filter Sock and Hose Wrap Repair. Bib Hose Repair attaches to leaking hoses and is made of 30 mil fabric, with an internal sorbent capable of holding up to one quart of liquid. For oil leaks, the DuraSorb Hose Sock & Wrap is suitable. Both have a durable tarpaulin outer cover, a hydrophobic liner and a Velcro straps for easy attachment.

Like the DuraSorb Hose Sock, the DuraSorb Filter Sock has a Velcro strap for easy attachment. It is designed for small to large in-line fuel filters, absorbing hydrocarbons and residuals. Another hose wrap repair solution is an integrated absorbent pad inside a tarp shell which you wrap around a leaking hose. These hose wraps are color coded for easy identification.

As for Epoxy Putty, it's an all purpose adhesive. Its space-filling and mold-able properties make it ideal for repairing almost any material, including metal. Simply knead and plug into the hole.

It is wise to always be prepared for any accidents. Being prepared means being safe. In a factory or plant setting, it is not only wise to be prepared for anything; it may very well mean its survival. After all, who wants to work in an unsafe environment?

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