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Drip Pans, Berms & Containment Trays For Small Spills, Leaks and Drips

Many regulations and guidelines for containment and secondary containment focus on proper containment for bulk liquid storage of hazardous liquids or waste. Solvents and chemicals stored on shelves also require containment. Smaller containers can be kept in open bins, trays or small wash basins that sit on shelves. Spill trays or containment pans can also be placed on or under shelf units or equipment to catch solvents or chemicals that may drip, leak or spill.

What can I use to prevent spills or leaks from small containers, bottles and pails filled with solvents and chemicals?

Small countertop spill trays are designed to catch accidental spills and overflow of liquids. These smaller containment trays are perfect for use in laboratories as a spill tray for mixing liquids. Their 1 to 3 gallon sump capacity and chemical-resistant polyethylene construction make these spill trays ideal for labs, research & development, pharmaceutical and medical applications where chemical liquids are used. They also help you comply with 40 CFR 264.175.

Dawg offers chemical resistant countertop spill trays in three sizes.

Other types of containment trays designed to contain harsh chemicals are lightweight spill pads with adequate sump capacity. Commonly used on plant floors, these spill pads are made to store and contain batteries and other materials that contain harsh chemicals. They usually have removable grates or platforms for access to sump areas, for proper disposal or recycling of spilled liquids.

Dawg offers battery spill trays with 2, 7.5, 12 and 14 gallon sump capacity.

Utility drip trays can be a great solution for keeping messy drips and spills off of warehouse and factory floors. Look for trays that are constructed of heavy duty polyethylene and are therefore rust and corrosion resistant. These types of trays are ideal for storing small containers that may leak or drip on to the floor, thus helping to prevent slip and fall hazards in your workplace. Ribbed tray bottom keeps cans, pails and containers elevated above any spills or leaks.

Dawg offers utility drip trays in 5 sizes

What can I use to contain leaks and drips from equipment and machinery?

Drip trays usually come in a variety of shapes and sizes, giving you flexibility to find one that fits small or large areas. Drip trays are also great for catching leaks and drips from vehicles and machinery. Auto repair shops, service departments and do-it-yourselfer's will find both small and large drips trays to be an effective solution to keep your floors clean.

Drip trays and drip pans slide easily under vehicles, equipment and machines to catch those nasty leaks and drips. Large spill trays such as the Catch All Drip Slipper have a 10 gallon containment capacity, more than enough to hold all coolant released during cooling system repairs or regular oil changes.

Oil recovery pans offer another way to catch leaks and drips. Oil recovery pans are great for draining used oil filters or fluids from cans or bottles, draining transmission or anti-freeze coolants. These lightweight pans are made of heavy duty polyethylene, so they won't rust or corrode. All models feature a built-in pouring spout and handle for easy lifting and pouring, for proper disposal. Oil drain pans allow you to capture liquids for recycling without the mess.

Click here for 6, 10, 15 or 58 quart oil recovery pans from Dawg

To catch drips and leaks from hydraulic lines, hoses, and fittings from equipment or vehicles, there are several flexible materials for containing those annoying leaks and drips. Our Drip pillow berm protects the ground and floors below vehicles from drips or leaks. It has a weighted material to keep it from tipping or splashing in windy conditions when used outdoors. They come with replaceable UV protected pads that are suitable for absorbing for all types of fuels.

To contain leaks and drips from hoses and fittings from industrial equipment, hose wraps or hose bibs are the ideal solution. These flexible yet durable materials allow you to wrap and contain the dripping hose area to avoid costly damage from leaks. They have integrated absorbent pads to absorb hydrocarbons, and they also come with closure systems to hold the unit in place around the leak.

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