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Drainage Mats: The Ideal Equipment for Floor Safety

In 2009, there were over 200,000 reported accidents attributed to falls. Falls can carry with them the danger of not only injury or even death but also litigation for your company. In fact, settlements resulting from slip and fall accidents can cost as high as five million dollars. It is therefore wise for everyone concerned to implement changes that can lessen the chances of falls from occurring.

Some industrial environments are more prone to slip and fall accidents than others. An environment where plant floors are always wet is an example. Wet floors bring with them inherent dangers. For obvious reasons, slip and fall accidents occur more frequently on a wet floor than a dry one. Special equipment are needed to reduce the chances of these accidents from occurring. One such equipment are drainage mats.

The OSHA requires that “Where wet processes are used, drainage shall be maintained, and false floors, platforms, mats, or other dry standing places should be provided where practicable." Drainage mats not only help raise safety levels in your operation, they also help you comply with OSHA standards.

Drainage Mats help prevent slips and falls from occurring two ways: their design allows liquids to drain quickly through them allowing the floors to get dry faster; the mats themselves add extra traction making for a more stable floor.

Drainage mats can be classified into three categories: Modular Interlocking, Single Piece and Special Application.


Modular Interlocking Drainage Mats allow you to customize your drainage mats to your floor area specifications. Modular Interlocking Drainage Mats are available in a number of models for many floor safety applications. The 24/Seven 572 model exceeds OSHA standards for COF. The Comfort Deck Vinyl Tile 461Grit Top is highly resistant to industrial fluids and solvents. The Modular WorkSafe Light 471/472 is a light to medium duty mat and is an alternative to foam flooring.


Single Piece Drainage Mats are ideal for individual work surfaces such as labs and tooling areas. These mats are also available in different models for different applications. Some examples are the Industrial WorkSafe 479 which exceeds OSHA's COF requirements; the WorkRite Drainage Mat 474, which is suitable for both wet and dry environments and the WorkRite Drainage Mat 474, which is both lightweight and resistant to cutting fluids.


Special Application Drainage Mats are for use in areas other than floors such as catwalks and grates. The Kushion Walk Runner 475 is ideal for catwalks and grates but is also available with optional drainage slots for use in wet areas. Rubber Tire Mats are made out of recycled tires and are extremely durable. The Vinyl Grid 891 is mildew resistant making them ideal for wet areas.

An added benefit of installing drainage mats is that a number of them - like the 24/Seven 572, the WorkSafe Light 478 and the Kushion Walk Runner 475 - can also relieve fatigue from standing for long hours, helping to keep workers stress free.

A wet factory floor need not be a hazardous working environment. The right drainage mat will help your plant or factory become a safer and more compliant place.

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