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Drainage Mats Keep Workers Feet Dry While Acting As An Anti-Slip Mat.

Dawg® offers hundreds of drainage mats to keep workers safe in wet workplace environments. Choose from our modular interlocking rubber drainage mats and single piece drainage mats for anti-slip mat protection. Many of our Drainage Mats also offer a grit-top surface, allowing these to be an non-slip drainage mat for added protection. You will find products such as our High Impact Enviro 405 Rubber Floor Mats for unmatched durability for both dry and wet floor conditions. Our 24 / 7 modular drainage mats keep you comfortable and your shoes dry, while our Comfort Deck allows for an anti-slip mat and custom interlocking configurations. Don't forget about all our other Rubber Drainage Mats for all types of industrial, commercial and retail environments. Feel free to call our customer support department for any help you may need in selecting the right drainage mat product.

Rubber Drainage Mats Provide Safe Walking Surface In Wet Environments

Wet floors can be a major concern for many businesses, especially those workplaces where workers are constantly being exposed to wet flooring surfaces? So, if you have been searching for a constructive and efficient method to reduce slips and falls in these kinds of areas look to our drainage mats that consists of all different substrates to combat wet and oily areas. All our drainage mats will accommodate industrial workplaces, retail, commercial, locker rooms and gyms, steam rooms, showers — indoor and out to wet industrial facilities. All these products will reduce exposure to insurance claims and keep workers safe.

When these rubber drainage mats are used as an non slip safety surface, drainage mats provide anti-slip protection in three ways. Also, the inherent coefficient of friction of most rubber drainage mat products (which will give a user a good grip surface) in addition the surface texture which is engineered to provide both comfort and extra traction, drainage mats offer the additional benefit of channeling liquids away from the surface of the drainage matting, assisting to prevent slips due to liquid and moisture building up on the mats. Drainage mats are usually seen being used in public showers, pool areas, locker rooms, laboratories, and other areas where the drainage of liquids is a concern. Bars are also another great location where liquids need to be kept off workers feet and the mat itself.

In a general context, rubber drainage flooring products (which is intended to cover large areas) relies mostly on the natural grip of rubber for anti slip mat protection, while rubber drainage matting (designed to add grip and traction to a specific area of limited size) places more emphasis on textured surfaces.

Textured anti-slip mat products can be divided into two categories: anti fatigue matting for dry areas and drainage matting for wet areas. In dry areas, anti-slip matting often overlaps with anti-fatigue matting. This sort of fatigue matting is usually illustrated best in commercial and industrial workplaces, either in work areas that are stationary or along walkways that are common areas. These mats use the same textured surface to provide comfort and anti-slip characteristics. Since the anti-slip texturing on dry area matting is often less complex than on mats for wet areas, the former are usually extruded rather than molded. Therefore, these fatigue mats are usually relatively cost effective, even for larger areas.

For wet areas, non-slip matting usually has a much more extreme textured surface area, as water tends to decrease the natural grip (coefficient of friction) of rubber. In places like pools and locker room showers, where some amount of water is always present, anti-slip matting or drainage mats must also have drainage holes to prevent water from collecting on the surface of the drainage mats. Since these products must be molded to shape, the cost of this sort of drainage mat varies greatly with the complexity of the surface texturing. These are primarily used in transition areas due to product costs; it would be prohibitively expensive to cover an entire floor with wet area traction matting

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