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Drain Covers and Seals: Preventing Spills from Contaminating Drains

Oil spills cost companies a lot. They have to purchase cleaners and expensive oil-skimming equipment, pay additional people to clean up the mess, settle medical and health bills, fines, damages and other liabilities. Using preventive measures and equipment to stop oil spills and their hazardous effects cost less than the actual clean-up response.

One of the simplest preventive measures that can help oil operating facilities is by using drain covers and seals in both indoor and outdoor areas. Drain Covers and Seals are used to protect the drains and grates against accidental spills that may contaminate the drainage system. These are made of reusable polyethylene, which is very resistant to oil, water and chemicals.

There are different types of Drain Covers and Seals. These are:

Square Drain Seals and Drain Plugs β€” these are used to cover drains, grates and manholes to protect water systems from accidental spills. They are available in variable sizes to fit any drain. Available sizes range from 18", 24", 36", 42" to 48".

Red Drain Cover Protectors β€” these are used with drain seals and drain plugs to secure them tightly in place. They are lightweight and made from solid urethane, giving them the ability to stick to the floor. These are also chemical resistant so the drains are safe from any liquid hazardous waste attempting to go down the drain.

Drain Seal Cover Holders β€” since some spill prevention products are best for indoor facilities, these drain seal cover holders are ideal for facilities servicing mobile oil transports such as trucks and tankers. These can be placed on drains outside storage facilities such as gasoline stations, loading docks and other outdoor areas. These prevent oil leaks from contaminating outdoor drains, especially from transfer equipment such as hoses.

Round Drain Seal Cover Protector - this is best used for small drains. It is durable and very effective in preventing oil spills from flowing through drains. This can also be used to stop main drains in large pools or tanks from suctioning water that may be contaminated due to industrial spills.

The EPA Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plan (SPCC) program require all oil operating facilities to develop and submit their own emergency response plans. The purpose of this is to prepare employers and workers of their proper actions in case of accidental oil spill contaminating waterways and land. Even though these oil operating facilities had been required to submit their emergency response plans, there's an old saying that goes, β€œan ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

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