Drain Protectors

Drain Protectors

Reversible drain protector offers protection and quick emergency response to chemical spills

Drain seals made of a solid tacky urethane for use with emergency chemical spills. The Drain Protector II is a reversible product for sealing off drains with. The square pad is constructed of a solid tacky urethane product with no fillers that delivers a tough, durable seal using either side. Due to its lighter weight, it can be used quickly for emergency chemical spills.

  • Reversible - Since the Drain Protector II is tacky on both sides, either side can be used to form a tight seal to block out liquids
  • Reusable - After using, simply wash the Drain Protector II, replace the plastic film, roll it on the tube and return the tube to the container; The Drain Protector II is tough enough to stand up to repeated use
  • Chemically resistant - The polyurethane Drain Protector II is compatible for use with a wide range of chemicals and substances than just rubbers and plastics; It is often suitable for use with certain solvents, oils and chemicals. It is also environmentally safe
  • Large varied stock - The Drain Protector II is available in 18, 24, 36, 42 and 48 inch sizes to meet a wide variety of job site requirements

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Drain Protectors
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