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Why Disposable Paper Wipes are Indispensable in any Workplace

Everyday, we spend half of our waking hours in the workplace. Our offices are important spaces in our lives and these can affect our emotions and well-being. A dirty office is not going to do much to inspire employees or to impress clients. Furthermore, it can lead to unsanitary conditions.

A clean and safe environment is vital to any workplace. Workplace hygiene is one of the fundamentals of any business. Companies need to prioritize cleanliness to maintain safety and health inside any office environment. Studies have shown that a clean and organized work space increases and sustains increased employee productivity. Employees feel better in a relaxed and clutter-free atmosphere. A cluttered work area has been proven to reduce the production and efficiency of the company.

There are many tools to ensure a workplace is clean and safe. One of the most common cleaners used in many workplaces are disposable paper wipes. These disposable wipes are the better alternative to cloth wipes. Wipes made from textile, after use, can breed bacteria and germs that can spread around when it is used again. Disposable paper wipe products include towels, tissues, toilet papers and wipers that can be used for light, moderate or heavy cleaning. The following are the different disposable paper wipes available:

  1. Airlaid. This is a strong, absorbent and extremely soft disposable wipe. Used for industrial or general maintenance tasks, they are ideal for solvents, thinners, detergents, oil, grease and water.

  1. Cellulose/DRC. This non-woven fabric is made from strong wood fibers mixed in with a synthetic latex binder. They have excellent durability and absorbency in water, grease and oil.

  1. Poly Pulp. These are inexpensive disposable rags that feature excellent absorbency and are economical.

  1. Scrim Reinforced Material (SRM). Scrim reinforced towels are made from recycled tissue featuring nylon netting laminated between tissue layers for strength. These highly absorbent wipes work well with greases, dirt, oil and assorted wipe-dry applications. They make great disposable bath towels for the healthcare and industrial industries.

  1. Spunbonded Nonwovens. Used for the automotive, printing, and food and beverage industry, these wipes are made of polyester rayon material making it strong and absorbent. They are lint-free and best used for solvents, thinners, detergents, oil, grease and water.

Keeping business premises clean and tidy are not only something that should be done, employers are actually required by law to do so. Under Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, employers must ensure the health, safety and welfare of their employees at work. This includes providing a clean and safe workplace for workers and ensuring guidelines and rules to maintain this are being practiced. Disposable paper wipes not only help you comply with OSHA regulations; they also make cleaning up fast and simple. Any dirt, spill or smudge can be taken cared of by just pulling one sheet of these handy disposable paper wipes. They are used all throughout industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, automotive, military, government and more.

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