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Wiping Rags, Cleaning Rags For General Cleanup & Disposable Wipers, Industrial Wipes.

Industrial wipes, most commonly known as disposable wipers, are available in a variety of configurations to meet the challenges of workplace cleanups. Industrial wipes that are lint free wipes leave behind little lint or dust residue after being used.

Paper wipers are the most economical type of industrial disposable wipers that are used in general cleanup of every-day messes. Disposable wipers are made from a soft cellulose material and provide good wet strength, softness, and a lint-free wipe. These paper wipers come in handy dispenser boxes, bags and centerpull dispensers. Cloth wipers make for a good wiping rag for general shop cleanup. These cloth wipers and wiping rags are available as new and reclaimed T-Shirt rags. Wiping rags come in new white shop rags and color cloth shop rags for everyday cleanup of common spills and messes.

Cleaning rags can be used as industrial shop rags and can stand up to repeated launderings. Wipers and rags come in a vacuum-sealed bag giving you more rags and a pure gross weight of actual wiping rags. Cotton wipers are available as heavy sweatshirt rags ideal for cleaning up heavy spills. These cotton wipers are made from a soft and strong sweatshirt material. Dawg has the right selection of disposable wipers and rags to fit your applications and budget.

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Dupont Sontara Wipers

Sontara Wipers Description
Sontara Wiper Prep Towel - Dobie Solvent Resistant, Low Linting, Non Tearing, Repeated Use
Prep Towel Roll Stand Dispenses Our Large Jumbo Rolls With Ease

Dawg Woof Rags

Dawg Rags Description
Industrial Rags - Color T-Shirts New & Reclaimed Color T-Shirt Rags
Industrial Rags - White T-Shirts 100% New & Reclaimed White Cotton T-Shirt Rags
Sweatshirt Rags - Reclaimed Color Reclaimed Sweatshirt Rags Track Down Heavy Workplace Grime
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