Dawg®Epoxy Putty Sticks

Dawg®Epoxy Putty Sticks

Repair anything with Dawg® Putty Sticks

Choose from eight different Epoxy Putty types of our 'Fix-It Epoxy Putty Sticks'. Each Epoxy Putty is designed for a specific type of application. All Epoxy Putty compounds can be drilled, tapped, filed, machined, screwed, sawed, sanded, or painted. All epoxy putty sticks are 7" in length.

  • Quik Plastic Plastic Epoxy Putty - Repair rigid & semi-flexible plastic, automotive trim, appliance parts,
    leaks in PVC/ABS pipes, & furniture
  • Quik Aluminum Aluminum Epoxy Putty - Repair HVAC, machine parts, castings, tanks, pipes, gutters,
    downspouts, storm doors, siding, boats, & RV's
  • Quik Copper Copper Epoxy Putty - Repair freeze breaks, hot water lines, leaks in pipes, elbows, or joints, bonds to damp, wet, and slow-leaking surfaces
  • Fast Steel Steel Epoxy Putty - Rebuild engine parts, mufflers, radiators, metal tools-patch ducts or tanks, fill cracks and leaks - form nuts or bolts
  • InstaCrete Concrete Epoxy Putty - Patch chipped concrete, masonry, birdbaths, statues-fix curbs, steps, anchor railings and fixtures
  • Repairit Quik Epoxy Putty - Form knobs, pulls, missing parts, attach fixtures and signs, patch leaks, fill cracks, form gaskets, electrical use
  • Quik Wood Epoxy Putty - Repair gouged furniture, moulding, fill nails, stripped screw holes, cracks - repair dry or rotted wood - level wobbly legs
  • AquaMend Marine Epoxy Putty - Bonds to wet & underwater surfaces - repair boat decks, hulls, pools, spas, tubs, tanks, gutters, downspouts, etc
  • Sold 6 Sticks/Box

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Dawg®Epoxy Putty Sticks
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