Dawg® Budget Oil Only Absorbent Pads & Rolls

Dawg® Budget Oil Only Absorbent Pads & Rolls

Budget Oil Pads and Rolls are made for budget-minded consumers who need quality absorbents

Looking for a great deal in an oil absorbent pad? Dawg's line of oil-only absorbent pads and rolls are tailor made for the budget-minded consumer. Dawg Budget oil-only absorbent pads are perfect for cleaning up your basic oil drips and spills. These basic absorbents are the perfect solution in this economy to equip companies of all sizes and budgets with absorbent solutions for a safe, compliant and productive work environment.

  • Made from meltblown polypropylene, these single-ply oil absorbent pads make it a great value-priced solution for a good quality, economical absorbent
  • Dawg Budget Oil-Only Absorbent Pad absorbs up to 20 times their weight
  • Dimpled for additional durability
  • Perforated to minimize waste - Use only what you need
  • Cost effective with less disposal costs
  • Economical - Low cost alternative
  • Low linting finish
  • Easy to dispose - Hassle-free
  • Reduce liability risks
  • Choose from pads or rolls

Select Product

Select Product
Dawg® Budget Oil Only Absorbent Pads & Rolls
Preview Item Number Type Size Absorbency Weight Absorbency Units Price Per Unit QTY
PAD130 Pad   15"W x 17"L   Heavy   20.5 gal./Case    100/Case

In Stock
PAD131 Pad   15"W x 17"L   Light   17 gal./Case    100/Case

In Stock
PAD132 Pad   15"W x 17"L   Light   34 gal./Case    200/Case

In Stock
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