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Promote Safety Within Your Plant with the Proper Cylinder Storage Equipment

Because of the nature of its contents, gas cylinders need some special safety considerations when transporting and storage. This is because the gases stored are under pressure, usually volatile and occasionally toxic. These factors can combine to create potentially disastrous accidents.

An example of a potential accident caused by gas cylinders are BLEVEs or boiling liquid expanding vapor explosions. The explosion is caused by the rapidly exiting pressurized gas from a ruptured gas cylinder. One such BLEVE happened in Kingman, Arizona in 1973. The explosion occurred after a fire that broke out while propane was being transferred from a railroad car to a storage tank.

It is because of such potentially disastrous scenarios that those safety considerations have been formulated. Some safety considerations include storing certain gas cylinders in an upright position, using restraints to prevent them from falling over and potentially rupturing and storing them in well-ventilated areas.

With these considerations in mind, cylinder storage products have been designed for the proper storage of different gas cylinders. For the safe transport of gas cylinders, Propane and Gas Cylinder Dollies are made of polyethylene, making them relatively lightweight than their steel counterparts. These gas cylinder dollies come in one or two cylinder models, allowing you to easily move your gas cylinders around. A handy built-in tray holds tools, valves and torches.

For gas cylinder storage, you have a choice of Gas Cylinder Storage Racks and Ramps, Gas Cylinder Storage Brackets or Gas Cylinder Storage Lockers:

  • Gas Cylinder Storage Racks and Ramps are space saving storage racks that allow you to securely store your gas cylinders upright. Capable of storing up to 6 cylinders at a time, these cylinder storage racks can be fork-lifted for easy movement.

  • Propane and Gas Cylinder Storage Brackets are wall-mounted gas cylinder storage systems, which frees up floor space within your plant. Available in one and two cylinder models, these gas cylinder storage brackets are made of polyethylene. They are also compliant with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations.

  • LPG/Compressed Gas Cylinder Storage Lockers allow you to store up to 20 cylinders at a time and in combination (i.e. LPG cylinders together with compressed gas cylinders). These storage lockers feature wire mesh sides to prevent gas build up in the event of a leak thus lowering the risk of explosions and fires. They are also are made from rust proof aluminum for longer life.

When dealing with gas cylinders, one should always keep in mind the dangers that come with handling them. Fortunately, there are cylinder storage equipments that make transporting and storing gas cylinders safer. Investing in them is an investment in safety.

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