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Conductive Mats: Preventive Measure Against Static Build-Ups

Static build-ups can be a source of machine and equipment damage. Any device that's not properly grounded can create sparks or release surges of static electricity, which can lead to fires. This kind of setting is a potential hazard to any working environment, destroying products and damaging a business' finances. These fatalities and property damages are likely to happen if there are no preventive measures implemented inside the workplace.

Static build-ups happen when positive and negative electric atoms are actively charged due to friction. Prolonged walking on carpeted flooring can create static electricity. If the person's body carries a charge, he may be able to conduct the static electricity to the machines upon using it. When that happens, the machines can get damaged. To prevent static-build ups from damaging sensitive electrical equipment, safety measures are used to lessen potential risks.

One way to effectively control static build-ups is by using conductive mats. These conductive mats are used by workers to protect machines and devices that can be damaged by static build-ups. They can be made of vinyl and rubber that dissipate electrical current charges. These mats are placed on the floor near the equipment to draw off static build-ups from the workers before using machines and electrical devices.

This also complies with Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) regulations that aim to protect employees from hazardous environments. Employers must ensure safety in the workplace to prevent accidents - and avoid any liability when one happens - brought about by dangerous electrical sources.

An additional general requirement from OSHA states: “No employer shall permit an employee to work in such proximity to any part of an electric power circuit that the employee could contact the electric power circuit in the course of work, unless the employee is protected against electric shock by de-energizing the circuit and grounding it or by guarding it effectively by insulation or other means."

Placing conductive mats on floors, computer devices and personnel workspaces prevents costly damages and possible casualties. This helps employers in managing larger areas to prevent static build-ups inside the working environment. Conductive mats reduce the risks of potential hazards such as static build-ups and sparking. Compliance with OSHA's general requirements do not only keep the workers safe from electric charges but also maintain their properties free of any uncontrollable energy that may contribute to fire hazards.

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