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Cigarette Receptacles, Image and the Corporate World

For many corporations and businesses, appearance is a vital asset. Image speaks great lengths about what a company is and how it wants to be perceived to its consumers. Corporate identity is all about how a company wants the business to look to its target market —these are the clients or customers — as well as the other people who aren't customers or clients yet. Corporate image conveys a sense of professionalism, credibility and stability to the company's clients.

In 1989, Market Opinion Research International did a survey in Great Britain. They asked a large number of businessmen what was the most important aspect of making an international status in the field of marketing and business. The result was that more than 75 percent said that corporate image or identity plays an important role in international standing. A year later, CBI and Fitch Consultants conducted a similar survey, and got similar results.

Corporate image is usually applied to the place of work. The way an office is designed is all about corporate imaging. Specific corporate aesthetics is followed from the kind of furniture, lighting and overall décor, to the simplest objects such as waste bins and door handle. They all need to look the part that a company wants to portray, and companies do not hesitate to shell out money for this. For example, to support their fun-loving image, Google's offices are popular for their slides, arcade rooms and stacks of Rubik's Cubes.

Image and branding aren't limited to offices - businesses such as retail outlets and fast-food chains also have to maintain their own respective images. Examples are Starbucks or KFC - except for minor differences, all their branches across the globe look alike.

Of course, you don't need to install a slide to make your office stand out -  strengthening an image can be done in small ways, like the purchase of decorative cigarette receptacles. Since they are usually located at entrances, they are the first thing that a person sees when he or she steps in an office. Because of this, cigarette receptacles must not only work well, they must also look great.

Cigarette bins complement any commercial, retail or corporate facility. They are offered in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.  Some receptacles can even be customized to match a business logo. Different designs are available that businesses can choose from. They include models such as traditional, modern, vintage, minimalist and some are even compact saving you on precious floor space. These decorative cigarette receptacles not only serve a practical purpose but also allows for cigarette butt disposal in an attractive way.

Cigarette receptacles contribute to a highly sanitary and clean air environment in any workplace. They provide a convenient and easy way of disposing cigarette butts. Not only that, they also promote the corporate identity of a business in a subtle but effective way. Businesses with strong corporate identity have successfully added more clients when they enhanced their corporate image. When it comes to business talks, reputation and image does matter.

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