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Center-pull Disposable Wipers: Tough on Small Spills

Not all industrial spills involve large quantities of liquid. Some can be as little as a glass of water or spilled coffee. Some can be just drops of grease or paint. Even though these small spills are insignificant and seem like they do not pose a serious hazard to the environment, they must be cleaned immediately.

Just last January 5, 2011, United Airlines Flight 940 had a hijack scare due to a coffee spill inside the pilot's cockpit. As reported by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, the flight from Chicago to Germany had to be diverted to Canada due to the “7500" code. The “7500" code that was inadvertently squawked over the radio by the pilot means the aircraft has been hijacked or is under unlawful interference. However, what the pilot intended to say was the code for malfunctioning equipment, and he cannot communicate that clearly since he was having problems with the plane's radio system.

It was discovered during the investigation that the equipment problems was the result of coffee spilled on the aircraft's radio system. It  was said to have originated from a co-pilot's cup when they encountered turbulence. The spill was so bad that the pilot was forced to land the plane without any radio communication with the airport tower. If they had super-absorbent wipers on that flight, they could have at least minimized the damage to the radio system.

Industrial companies can avoid these possible dangerous or inconvenient scenarios by attending to small spills with absorbent wipes. Such wipes include:

Center-pull Disposable Wipers — these are used for everyday general cleaning. They can be used for grease and oil leaks from machines and motorized equipment. Water spills are also absorbed by these center-pull wipers.  

Grab and Go Center-Pull Wipers — these are single-ply wipes used for light spills. They can absorb oil, grease, inks and water spills. These are also good money-savers because their container dispenses one wipe at a time.

Center-pull Paper Towel Wipers — these two-ply wipes are used for their maximum absorbency. These are commonly used in kitchen areas and restrooms because they have excellent drying capacity. They are available in 480-wiper rolls with 6 rolsl per case. These are also used in busy industrial workplaces.

DRC Air-laid Center-pull Wipers — these are excellent for use in general spill cleaning. Grease on tables or surfaces are easily absorbed. Beverage spills, oil and even ink are soaked up leaving those surfaces free of grimy substance.

All Purpose Cleaning Maintenance Wipes — these are commonly used as one of the most effective janitorial wipes. They easily pick up all small spills inside the workplace. Grime from grease, motor oil and even those blotches of ink are not going to be a problem for the All-Purpose wipes. These are tough on spills but soft to use even for the face.

DRC Tote Box Disposable Wiper - Retriever — these are so convenient to use. They can quickly absorb accidental beverage spills such as coffee, juice and soda. These leave the working surfaces and free of hazards. These are also soft that they can be used for the face to wipe of sweat or grease without irritating the skin.

Even small spills can cause major equipment malfunctions that may put the whole industrial business in danger or inconvenience customers. To prevent equipment and machine malfunction due to small spills, use disposable wipes.

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