Cavalier Carpet Mats

Cavalier Carpet Mats

Cavalier entrance door mats' super coarse, absorptive fibers and two-level construction soak up water, hide dirt and reduce traffic patterns instantly. These commercial entrance mats perform exceptionally well in highly visible areas in offices or as a home entrance mat. The mats come with a ribbed or chevron pattern that provides scraping action and moisture retention for heavy traffic areas. The cavalier entry mat provides good water and soil retention. In addition, it's abrasion resistance qualities makes it the perfect choice for commercial entrance mats or entrance door mats. Choose from cavalier's two surface design options, ribbed or chevron, both are made of 100% solution-dyed polypropylene . Both are suitable for any interior and provide an affordable and attractive home entrance mat or entry carpet mat solution.

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Cavalier Carpet Mats
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