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Bumper Post Sleeves: Preventing Rear-end Damages

Safety is the number one priority in many industrial facilities. Even outside of the workplace, safety precautions are still practiced everywhere. Safety precautions are not just some rules to follow. These are standard regulations in which most individuals must observe and obey to prolong their lives and the lives of other people.

One of the most common physical accidents happens on the road or in traffic areas. Some accidents may result in fatal deaths while some escape it with severe injuries. However, there are other drivers that do not even have a single scratch on themselves but happen to put one on their vehicles.

A simple reverse-parking maneuver can also do a great deal of damages. One would be on the driver's vehicle, while the other damage would be on another person's property. This type of situation has been one of the most high rated traffic accidents on the road. According to a 2007 issue of Business Fleet, 11.3% of companies filed for damage claims due to their fleet vehicles suffering from rear-end vehicle collisions while parking. Business companies also reported for damage claims on their properties. Most of these damages were found in their parking lots.   

To prevent possible damages to parking lots, business owners must provide additional safety to their property. One of the most effective ways to protect a parking lot property is by using safety accessories. A good example of these is Bumper Post Sleeves.

Bumper Post Sleeves are made from very sturdy high-density polyethylene. These are slipped over bumper posts to protect them from collisions caused by reverse-parking drivers. Using protective covers for bumper posts reduces the damages on the owner's parking lot accessories and the driver's vehicle. This will also minimize damage claims by both parties.

The use of Bumper Post Sleeves is compliant with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. These regulations are utilized to promote employee and public safety, property protection and environmental conservation by approving products that meet specific federal regulations. Another feature that goes with bumper post sleeves is that they are available in seven different colors. This adds more perks and attraction to business facilities such as shops, restaurants, boutiques and even factories.

Most business owners will also find that using bumper post sleeves will save them more money from unnecessary maintenance such as painting them over because of rusting. These bumper post sleeves protect the bumper posts from effects of extreme weather conditions like rain, snow, heat and salty air. Covering bumper posts with colorful sleeves will not only make any business pleasing to the eyes but it will also protect both clients and business owners from vehicle and property damages.
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