Drum Drainage Accessories

Drum Drainage Accessories

Empty your drums completely

Drum Siphon Adapter completely drains all liquids from steel drums while our brass safety drum faucet combines with the siphon adapter for a complete dispensing system. Our drum siphon adapter is the simple solution for nearly complete drainage of liquids from 30- and 55-gallon drums, eliminating the need for dangerous drum tipping or rolling. Cost saving, unique siphon action empties residual solvents from a typical 2-3 gallons down to the last few ounces. Made of solid cast brass, the drum adapter will hold up under heavy use with compatible liquids. Chemically resistant body is ideal for use with non-corrosive, non-viscous liquids. One end of the drum adapter accepts a standard 3/4' drum faucet and the opposite end screws into a 3/4' drum bung opening. An adjustable collar accommodates bungs in varying positions. Double-dip savings: Not only are you getting the benefit of using nearly all the drum contents, you won't have to pay extra for residual liquid removal of hazardous materials prior to proper disposal! Combine DRM110 with DRM111 or DRM112 for a complete dispensing system if you do not already have a drum faucet.

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Drum Drainage Accessories
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