Bio T Graffiti Buster

Bio T Graffiti Buster

Remove the graffiti in your area quick and easy

Graffiti Buster II and spray paint remover is designed for easy application and to discourage the proliferation and repeatability of graffiti. Here how easy the application process is:

  • Apply Graffiti Buster II in a liberal coat (2-3 mils) to the contaminated surface by spray, brush or roller
  • Allow product to rest on surface for at least 30 seconds but no more than 2 minutes--if product dries on surface repeat application.
  • Some forms of graffiti may require a slight scrubbing action for effective first time removal.
  • In these instances a sponge, paper towel or lint free cotton towel is suggested and we recommend an even and light action.

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Bio T Graffiti Buster
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