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Bear Proof Garbage Containers, Called Bear Lock Bins

Here you will find a full line of Animal Resistant Cans and Bear proof Containers called our Bear Lock Line. BearLock bear proof containers are offered in 30, 32, 50, 64 and 95 gallon container sizes and have been tested and approved for keeping bears and other animals out of your trash.

If you don't require the added protection of a bearproof can, then take a look at our BearLock Animal Resistant Containers that are specifically designed for keeping smaller animals like dogs, raccoons and other critters out of your trash.


BearLock Bear Proof Containers, tested and proven to deter bears and other critters from getting into your trash.

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recommended by Critter Control.


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Take a look at our selection, it offers some of the best choices for bear proof cans.
Our containers have been tested by a variety of agencies to meet the required standards.

These agencies include:
2) Montana Fish
3) Grizzly Wolf Discovery Center
4) Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee Testing Program

We offer Three Styles Of Carts for Both Grizzly and Black Bears.

Bear and animal resistant cans are also available.

Choose The Right Bear Proof Container:

Bear Proof Container

Bear Lock Standard
Bear Proof Container

Bearproof Can

Bear Lock Deluxe
Bear Proof Container

Bear-Proof Can

Bear Lock Elite
Bearproof Container

DogProof Can

Bear Lock Animal Resistant Container

Canada Bear Can

Bear Resistant
Canada Can

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