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Barricade Tapes: Warning Individuals Away From Danger Zones

Running a construction business can be very dangerous. Workers are constantly exposed to heavy machinery, dust particles, concrete, chemicals, metals and electrical equipment. Working in a construction site requires highly trained individuals who have the ability and professional skills to handle machinery and other construction materials. They must be also knowledgeable of the safety precautions that need to be implemented before they start to work.

Barricade tapes aid in keeping civilians and industrial workers out of areas that pose an immediate danger, keeping them safe and secure. The main reason why barricade tapes are used is to alert individuals that the zone they may be looking at or try to enter has some highly dangerous elements such as falling debris, high voltage equipment or chemical spills. These also prevent further exposure to other kinds of hazard. Barricade tapes are also used in crime scenes to protect evidences and limit unauthorized individuals from tampering them.

In construction sites, barricade tapes may surround a certain area or building for demolitions. Concrete materials may fly off and injure people or workers nearby. Some tapes feature wordings like “Danger,” “Caution,” and “Do Not Enter”. These tapes can also be customized to put in specific text - such as “High Voltage Keep Out” or “Deep Excavation” - to restrict individuals from going near the construction sites are effective as well. For crime scenes, it is usually yellow with text such as “Police Line Do Not Cross”.

Some barricade tapes do not have text on them. Examples of these are yellow and orange fluorescent colored tapes and those that have black and yellow stripes. The fluorescent quality makes them more visible to the public even from afar. These tapes do not have adhesive backing, so blocking off areas is done quite easily. Authorities just have to roll them around the perimeter like a rope to ward off spectators.

Barricade tapes come in different sizes. These are: 2 and 3 mil thickness and 3” and 6” width. Thicker models are more effective for use under harsh conditions such as strong winds or storms. Wider tapes are used for immediate visibility from a distance. These tapes measure 1000ft.

They are necessary as additional preventive measures to any place that poses a threat to individuals. Properties and essential evidence can be protected from damage and tampering by using these tapes to barricade said areas. Most importantly, many lives can be saved by these simple warning lines.

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