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Dealing with More Specialized Chemical Spills: Adsorbents and Spill Neutralizers

Not all chemical spills are created equal. Some chemical spills need more specialized methods and equipment when you want to effectively deal with them. For this job, adsorbents and spill neutralizers are what you need.

Chemicals like mercury and formaldehyde - as well as solvents, acids, bases and other caustics - can be particularly problematic to deal with. Take mercury for example. Not only is mercury toxic; a mercury spill can have dire effects on the environment.

A number of industries employ some of these more toxic chemicals in their processes. Industries such as chlorine production, gold mining and fluorescent and mercury vapor lamp production use mercury. Formaldehyde is used extensively in the production of particle boards and in the textile industry. Acids are used in a large number of industries, from fabric production to manufacturing plastics.

The OSHA (29 CFR Ch. XVII (7—1—10 Edition) recommends implementing a program to contain spills of a more hazardous nature. Using more specialized spill control equipment is highly recommended. This is where adsorbents and spill neutralizers come in.

Adsorbents work by attracting the contaminants and bonding them to the adsorbent's surface. Neutralizers work by chemically reacting with the contaminant, producing a neutral substance. In both cases, the chemical spill is effectively contained, making the area safe.

There are a number of adsorbents and spill neutralizers for different applications.


Mercon Mercury Spill Kit — Mercury vapors are toxic. This spill kit not only effectively contains the mercury spill itself, but completely suppresses mercury vapors, making a safer environment.


Ampho-Mag Adsorbent Neutralizer — This chemical spill kit is especially ideal for acid and base spills. The chemical changes color as soon as the chemical has been neutralized.


Spill-X Treatment Neutralizer Kits — This spill kit is ideal for treating not just acid spills but also for caustics and formaldehyde. All the components are housed in a lightweight case, making this kit easy to carry around.


Spill-X Neutralizing Adsorbents  — These adsorbents are ideal for quick and efficient treatment of small to medium acids, caustics, solvents and formaldehyde spills.

The saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is still a valid one. It is also a fact that no matter how much preparation you put into preventing chemical spills, this kind of accident can and will occur. It is therefore wise to be prepared. Keep the proper adsorbent and spill neutralizer kit handy to best ensure the safety of your workers and your plant.

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