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Activity Drinks: Replenishes and Restores Health, Fights Off Dehydration

One of the reasons why workers get sick is that they work too much and they don't recharge their energy. Long hours dedicated to lifting heavy objects, running from one area to another, constant physical exertion and exposure to heat can tire workers. Just like batteries, once they are overused, they get drained and die.

A dead battery is very much like a dehydrated person. Batteries need to be charged to activate an apparatus as to a person need to be hydrated all the time and keep his energy up. To help prevent dehydration, employers can provide workers with what many athletes commonly drink during competitions: activity drinks.  

Dehydration is an dangerous condition where a person has lost essential fluids and electrolytes in their body. Symptoms of dehydration include:

  • headache
  • muscle cramps
  • fatigue
  • lowered blood pressure
  • sudden snow vision
  • dizziness
  • fainting
  • sunken eyes
  • swelling of tongue
  • nausea
  • dry skin

Severe or untreated dehydration generally leads to delirium, mental confusion, loss of consciousness, kidney damage, and the worst, death. To keep hydrated, workers must drink at least eight to ten glasses of liquid everyday, especially when performing tough tasks. While drinking water helps fight dehydration and quenches thirst easily, it takes longer to hydrate the body. Water also lacks some essential vitamins and minerals that aid in replenishing energy. For strenuous tasks, activity drinks like Sqwincher are better.

Sqwincher is a drink formulated to restore, re-energize and replace lost electrolytes in the body. Employers provide their workers this activity drink to help ensure a safe and hazard-free working environment. This helps employees feel more replenished and healthy even while working in changing weather or temperature conditions.

Sqwincher does not only quench thirst but it also provides essential vitamins and minerals that the body needs. It contains potassium and magnesium, which decreases muscle cramps, and has a low sodium content. This instantly provides the energy and performance the workers need to finish the job. And to make it easy for workers to bring anywhere, Sqwincher is available in both powdered and liquid concentrate form.

Activity drinks are not only for athletes but also for those hard-working employees who are in danger of possible effects of dehydration. Employers must always prioritize their workers' health and safety by eliminating the factors that cause these illnesses and provide them preventive measures that reduce these dehydration risks.

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