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Frequently Asked Questions About Abzorbit


ABZORBIT is a nontoxic, organic blend of minerals that are combined in a manufacturing process to make the most effective and efficient absorbent available.

How does it work?

ABZORBIT absorbs liquid and semi-liquids by a process known as encapsulation. This particular method of encapsulation turns any liquid into a solid. The microscopic sphere shape of ABZORBIT provides a very efficient method of absorbing liquids.

Are there any limitations on using ABZORBIT?

ABZORBIT will absorb all liquids and semi-liquids with only one exception, HYDROFLUORIC ACID.

Is ABZORBIT toxic?

NO. It is nonhazardous and nontoxic to humans, plants, and animals.

Is ABZORBIT flamable?

NO. ABZORBIT has no BTU value. However, the liquid absorbed may be flammable.

Is ABZORBIT a carcinogen?

NO. ABZORBIT is an amorphous silicate and is considered noncarcinogenic according to the IARC (Monogram-4).

Is ABZORBIT dangerous to inhale?

Dust of any type should not be inhaled for any length of time. Presently, there is no hazard from any inhalation that may occur when ABZORBIT is used in an enclosed environment. However, the MSDS for ABZORBITrecommends wearing a dust mask when using it in an enclosed environment, or when used outdoors for a long period of time.

Can ABZORBIT be incinerated?

Yes. However, this should be handled in conjunction with the MSDS of the substance absorbed. ABZORBITmelts at approx. 2200 degrees F and turns into a sand substance for easy disposal.

Has ABZORBIT been tested?

YES. ABZORBIT has passed the EPA's, TCLP and PFT.

How should used ABZORBIT be disposed of?

Most waste disposal is regulated to the specific type of landfill in your area. Check with your local landfill operator for proper disposal of all waste.

How does ABZORBIT compare to other absorbents on the market today?

ABZORBIT eliminates the need for establishing inventories of multiple absorbents as well as becoming more cost effective for disposal.

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