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Specialty Absorbents

For spills that ordinary absorbents can't handle

Specialty Absorbents are necessary when you have to deal with spills that everyday spill control products cannot handle. These include mercury spill kits that come with vapor suppressants and proper mercury disposal equipment, and superabsorbent polymers that encapsulate or solidify hydrocarbon spills. Neutralizers, meanwhile, are the right spill response solution when you need to deal with acids, caustics, solvents and formaldehyde.

Specialty Absorbents
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  1. Adsorbents & Polymers

    Adsorbents & Polymers

  2. Specialty Absorbent Mats & Wraps

    Specialty Absorbent Mats & Wraps

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Avoid unstable chemical reactions by applying the right absorbents on specific hazardous chemicals. Stop dangerously flammable fuel from spreading with Dawg®'s Fuel Solidifiers. It cleverly turns liquid fuel into rubber, making cleanup easier.

Facilities handling caustics, acids, solvents and other hazardous chemicals should always keep neutralizing adsorbents in stock for their spill response kit. Here at Dawg®, we got all your spill control solutions covered.
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