Eco-Friendly Oil Only Absorbent Rolls

Earth-friendly spill control for large areas

Eco-Friendly Oil-Only Absorbent Rolls are designed for large, spill-prone areas. These oil absorbent rolls are best for use along walkways and beside machines that tend to spray or leak.

Eco-Friendly Oil Only Absorbent Rolls
Absorbent pads are not enough when dealing with large spills. You need to use our Eco-Friendly Oil Only Absorbent Rolls.

There are different oil absorbent rolls for different volumes of spills. Determine the amount of spillage you have so you can make the right choice. Our HippieDawg® Oil Only Perforated White Absorbent Pads & Rolls are available in Light, Medium, and Heavy absorbency.

Here at Dawg®, we only have premium eco-friendly absorbent products for all your industrial spill needs.