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Eco-Friendly Absorbents

Cleans up spills without damaging the environment

Eco-Friendly Absorbents are essential when you want to clean up spills without causing further damage to the environment. These include the HippieDawg™ line of green absorbents, which are made from recycled material. These absorbents include eco-friendly absorbent socks, pads, mats and rolls that meet any budget or application. Despite being made from recycled material, these eco-friendly absorbents do not sacrifice quality as they constantly outperform comparable meltblown poly-propylene products.

Eco-Friendly Absorbents
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7 Item(s) Sort by:    View: 10 20 50  | Show All  
Clean up spills, drips and leaks while saving the environment with Eco-Friendly Absorbents from DAWG®. These green, spill containment solutions are great alternatives to polypropylene-based absorbents while providing better absorption during spill cleanups. For general spillage such as water and solvents, choose from Eco-Friendly Universal MRO Absorbent Pads, Rolls, Socks and Pillows. For petroleum-based spills on floors or in bodies of water, we also have Eco-Friendly Oil-Only Pads, Rolls and Loose Absorbents.
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