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Absorbents for all situations and conditions

DAWG® Absorbents are essential to keep workplaces clean and safe. Designed to handle oil, hazmat and chemical spills, these absorbents are available in different weights and sizes such as pads, mats and rolls. Many of these chemical and oil spill absorbents are also available in more cost-efficient eco-friendly varieties made from recycled materials. Other chemical and oil absorbents, such as specialized adsorbents and loose absorbents, are also available.

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Spills and leaks are inevitable for any facility which is why it is important to have the right set of absorbents handy when these happen.

Here at DAWG®, we carry a variety of absorbents for virtually any kind of spill. For general spill cleanups such as water or coolants during industrial operations, stock up on Universal MRO Absorbents. For oil spills within refineries or on bodies of water, be sure to have Oil Only Absorbents, Booms and Skimmers.

For spills that need special handling, we have Specialty Absorbents that can do the job for you. We also carry absorbent accessories that can aid you in speeding up your spill response management.
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