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Absorbent, Spill Kits, Spill Containment, Anti- Fatigue Mats, Stormwater Managenement Products, Personal Protection, Cigarette Receptacle And More.

Dawg Doing Away With Grime has been a leader for the past 20 years in providing Absorbents and Oil Spill Clean Up Products for industry both industrial and environmental. Many of our Absorbents are also called Sorbents which are in the form of Absorbent Pads, Mats, Socks, Rolls, Pillows, Oil Booms, Drip Pans, Skimmer Absorbents and Reusable Absorbents. We also make our own Spill Kits right on site and offer one of the largest selections available in the industry.

In addition to our Absorbent and Spill Kit lines we are also known for many other products that help companies comply with OSHA, EPA, DOT and other tough regulations. These Industrial Supplies include: Spill Containment Solutions, Material Handling, Stormwater Management Products and Practices, Absorbent Wipers, Cleaners and Degreasers, Workplace Personal Protection, Facility Protection, Safety Training Aids, Waste Minimization and Waste Disposal.

AbsorbentsDawg offers Industrial Absorbents for MRO Spills, HAZ-MAT Spills and Oil Spill Cleanup. Youll find Sorbents such as Absorbent Pads, Mats, Absorbent Socks, Oil Booms, Absorbent Rolls, Oil Pads, Absorbent Pillows, HAZ-MAT Chemical Spill Cleanup Products and Loose Floor Absorbent. All these Spill Absorbents provide Ways To Clean Up Oil Spills and more.
Cigarette Cans/ReceptaclesWe carry a variety of Cigarette Smoking Urns and Cigarette Butt Cans from decorative Cigarette cans to Industrial Cigarette Butt Cans.  These come in all shapes, materials and sizes and are designed for home, small office and industrial use, indoors and outdoors.  They help reduce or eliminate cigarette butt litter.
Spill ContainmentDawg is a leader when it comes to Spill Containment Solutions in your workplace with products like our: Spill Containment Pallets to meet spill regulations, Roll Top Containment for outdoor storage of drums, Covered Pallets Tops for adding onto an existing Spill Pallet, Chemical Storage Buildings for safe and secure storage of hazardous materials, IBC Containment Units for secondary containment of Schutz Storage Totes, Spill Containment Berms contain large fuel spills, Liquid Bulk Storage Containers for bulk and waste fluid collection, Intermediate Bulk Containers, Drum Secondary Containment, Drain Covers, Leak Diverters and more.
Drum AccessoriesDawg Poly Drum Funnels for pouring liquids into open and closed head drums and containers . Our Burp Free Safety Drum Funnel meets closed container regulations. We also carry a full line of Drum Hand Pumps, Rotary Pumps and Piston Transfer Pumps for moving fluids at a rapid pace and Drum Gauges. Other Drum Accessories include: Plastic Drum Liners and Inserts for lining pails up to 55- gallon drums, Drum Lids, Drum Covers, Dust Cap Covers, Drum Trucks, Drum Lifters, Drum Dollies and more.
Overpack Drums and Containers

Dawg offers Poly Overpack Salvage Drums for secondary containment of smaller drums, Fiber Drums for product storage, Labpacks for bottles, cans and other smaller items and Steel Open and Closed Head Drums.
They have screw-on lids and UV inhibitors to prevent fading.

Safety Cabinets and Safety CansDawg carries Safety Cabinets from two industry leaders, Justrite Safety Cabinets and Eagle Safety Cabinets. Other products from Justrite include: Safesite Safety Storage Chest for storing flammable at jobsites and other locations for secure storage, Justrite Type I and Type II Gas Cans. Eagle Products include Dispensing Cans, Plunger Cans, Oily Waste Cans, Bench Cans, Faucet Cans, Cylinder Storage Racks, Cylinder Dollies and more.
Anti Fatigue MatDawg has the right Anti Fatigue Mat for your workplace. Anti Fatigue Mats for dry areas, wet areas and areas where you just need plain old comfort for those weary working feet.
Safety GlovesOur Safety Gloves are not only of great quality, but there priced right. We sell our gloves in case packaging allowing for bigger savings. Industrial Safety Gloves include our: Nitrile Gloves for good chemical resistance, PVC Safety Gloves for general protection against liquids, Disposable Latex, Nitrile and Vinyl Gloves available in powder and non powder coated, String Knit Gloves, Leather Gloves, Latex Safety Gloves, Canvas and Jersey Gloves and more.
Waste MinimizationReduce the amount of unwanted waste streams in your workplace with our Waste Minimization Products. Abanaki Oil Skimmers take out oil from water when disposing of an oily water mixture, Aerosolv Can and Propane Gas Cylinder Puncturing Systems is an effective measure in relieving pressure in spent aerosol cans, Waste Compactors compact waste streams, Absorbent Towel Extractor allows you to get more use out of your absorbent materials and more products to help cut down your waste stream are all here.
Leak Diverters & Spill CatchersIf you are looking to catch annoying drips, leaks and spills look to our line of Leak Diverters and Spill Catchers. Products like our Roof Leak Diverter makes a quick fix from annoying drips and leaks puddling up, Pipe Leak Diverters for under pipes, Drip Pillow Berm that fits under leaky machines and other areas where drips and leaks happen, Bib Hose for industrial hose leaks, and Hose Wraps.
Parking Lot & Speed Bumps Create a safe and clean looking parking lot with Parking Lot Products like our Parking Stops that prevents vehicles from moving too close to structures, and Speed Bumps for fast moving vehicles in areas where lowering speeds is a concern.   Bumper Post Sleeves keep maintenance costs down and vehicles protected.
Industrial Cleaners & DegreasersDawg has a great selection of Industrial Cleaners and Degreasers to satisfy any workplace. We offer Non Hazardous, Non Toxic Cleaners. We have 4 different lines. Simple Green, Ecolink, Biochem and Microbial Cleaners. Simple Green Cleaners are widely used in homes, businesses and industrial environments and offer an effective and safe method for all types of cleaning tasks. Ecolink Cleaners & Degreasers offers a more industrial based cleaner and degreaser for a wide variety of industrial applications such as Dielectric Cleaners, Contact Cleaners, pH Neutral Cleaners and Multi Purpose Degreasers. Biochem Cleaners and Degreasers offer the same Industrial Cleaning Approach for tough cleanings tasks and are specifically formulated to make the workplace safe by replacing unfriendly chlorinated, petroleum-based, caustic and acidic solvents.
Personal Safety  and Plant SafetyEveryday Personal Safety and Plant Safety are critical concerns for any workplace. Trust Dawg as your reliable source for trustworthy Plant Safety Products: See our Traffic & Safety Barricades that keep awareness of potential dangers, Safety Bollards for misguided equipment, Wall & Column Protectors, Machine & Rack Guards keep machines enclosed from dangerous moving parts, Hand Rails for guidance and balance, Disposable and Work Coveralls, Chemical Suits for exposure to dangerous contaminants, Uvex Safety Glasses, First Aid Kits and more.
Spill KitsIf you are looking for Ways To Clean Up Oil Spills reach for Dawg Spill Kits. Our Spill Response Kits are available in MRO, Oil-Only and HAZ-MAT. Our Emergency Spill Kits come in a variety of configurations: Overpack Spill Kits, Bag Spill Kits, Container Spill Kits, Cabinet Spill Kits and Cart Spill Kits. We also offer Mercury Spill Control Kits, Acid and Base Neutralizers, Ampho-Mag Neutralizer, Ansul Spill-X Neutralizing Adsorbents and more for all of your Spill Control needs.
Spill Control /Drain BarriersSpill Control Products are a vital part to any SPCC (Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure) Plan. Products like our Spill Berms, Drain Covers for sealing off inside or outside drains, Drain Inserts for StormWater Control and Pollution Prevention, Oil Containment Booms to stop and prevent the spreading of oil in waterways. There are many other products to help you comply throughout our site.
Safety Training Here, You'll Find A Comprehensive Line of Safety Training Aids (Videos, Software, Manuals, CD Rom Training, Posters, Booklets and More) Such As: Health and Safety Training, Safety Training Videos, Fire Safety Training, Electrical Safety Training, PPE Training, Chemical Hazards Safety Training, OSHA Safety Training, Hazwoper Training, Forklift Safety Training, Hearing Safety Training, First Aid Safety Training, Machine Guard Safety, Eye Safety, DOT Safety Training, Hazcom Training, Lock Out Tag Out, Right To Know Training, Respiratory Training, Construction Safety Training, MSDS Software Products and So Much More.
Stormwater ManagementDawg carries a full line of Stormwater Management Products to help with Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans. You'll find Stormwater Drain Protection Products that Screen Stormwater that may have pollutants such as oil or debris in it. Other products include Drain Seals and Covers, Rooftop Grease Guard Protection, Silt Fence, Storm Wattles, GullyGuard, Dewatering Bags, GutterGuard, Pipe Socks, Trench Filters, DrainGuard, CurbGuard, GrateGuard, BasinGuard and more to help with Stormwater Pollution Prevention.
Absorbent WipersAbsorbent Wipers at great prices means you wont waste unnecessary dollars on disposable wipers that you dont need to. This is why we carry the absolute best line of Wipers for all your cleaning tasks. Our selection includes: Shop Rags available in new and reclaimed, Cotton Rags available in white and colored T-shirt material, Premoistened Hand Wipers from Simple Green, Cleaning Rags and Body Towels.

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